The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) organise Pakistan's biggest auto event named Pakistan Auto

Parts Show (PAPS) every two year inspiring young generation towards the automobile industry. PAAPAM supports and motivates students to

showcase their engineering projects. The students from country`s leading university for engineering NEDUET took part in the Pakistan Auto

Show 2013 held from 11th-13th Jan 2013.

The project namely “Formula Pakistan” got 1st position in Engineering-Design competition , 2nd position also went to a team from NEDUET namely

“ Team Victory”.

Another team from NEDUET “N-5” also participated in the event and was applauded for the hard work carried out by the students on alternative

energy source.

Another upcoming team “Baja NED” composed of former Formula Pakistan team members participated in the event and demonstrated the goals of

the project and how it would be the first research project carried out on off-road mechanics on under graduate level.

The teams were applauded and appreciated for their ideas and concept in the event.


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