The laboratories are equipped with sophisticated and state of the art equipment to assist students and faculty in achieving their academic goals.

The department presently has a total of six commissioned laboratories which are:

Combustion & Emission Lab

Combustion & Emission lab includes Transparent Engine, Rotronics Engine

Dynamometer, Hydra Engine Testbed, Chassis Dynamometer, Fuel

Injection System, Ignition System, Student Work station and Fork Lifter

. The experimental course related to Combustion & Emission (LAB-I)


    • Introduction To Automotive Engineering

    • Automotive Power Plant

    • Combustion Emission and Pollution

    • Vehicle Dynamics

    • Vehicle Thermal Management

    • Internal Combustion Engine

Body & Suspension Lab

Body & Suspension lab includes four post lifter, car fault diagnosis system,

cutaway model for spark ignition and compression ignition vehicles, wheel

balancer and wheel aligner.






Auto-Electronics Lab

Includes Autoelectronics experimental modules based on sensors &

Actuators used in Automobiles, Autoelectronics Simulators, Multipoint

Ignition & Injection System, Electronic Fuel Ignition System, Automobile

Electric Systems, study units & Automobile Air Conditioning Unit.






Electronics and Instrumentation Lab

The laboratory contains the equipment to ensure that the students get facilities to understand and explore the concepts of electronics as learnt in the class-room. It provide the students an opportunity to work on standard equipment.

The Laboratory is fully equipped with panel boards (like ABS, EFI system, different sensors used in automotive industry, electrical circuits for vehicles) measuring instruments, function generators, digital trainer, microcontroller programmer, multiple power supplies, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Logic probes etc.

This lab is used by the students to conduct academic practical as well as the innovative ideas of students in the form of mini projects and final year projects. 








Fuel Cell Lab

Fuel Cell Lab includes fuel cell testing system, fuel cell experimental module

and pressure composition isothermal (PCI) measurement unit.






Computer Lab

The Computer Laboratory of the Department is equipped with

PCs/workstations and an Intel Xeon Dual Core Server linked to a central

network which caters to the information & Technology needs of the

students as well as faculty members. The computer lab is available for

teaching and practicing computer skills using a variety of leading industry

software packages and programming languages. In addition, multimedia

facility is also available for seminars and workshops offered by the







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