Formula NED is a group of 16 students, 15 from Automotive Engineering & 01 from Electronics Engineering Department. This is the first team

from Pakistan that is going to participate in an international competition named Formula Student which will be held in Austria 17th July this

year. The competition is being held in more than eight countries including USA, Australia, Germany, UK, Japan, Italy, Spain, Hungary etc.

The motive & aim behind Formula Student is to challenge students to design, build, test & finally race a small Formula-style race car under

certain rules specified by FSAE (Formula SAE). The authority inspects each & every vehicle that has been registered to participate &

instantaneously disqualifies if the teams fail to fulfill their proposed formula; basically the event trains the individuals to take on the

challenges of professional racing events.

On 19th March, Formula NED launched their prototype “AR F1” dedicated to their late friend Abdul Rehman who presented the idea and

initiated this project. The prototype was completed in a period of 11 months.

Sailent Features:

AR F1 has an open wheel configuration with a Honda CBR600RR engine delivering power to the wheels via limited slip differential, mounted

on a space frame with carbon fiber bodywork and has double wishbones suspension on 13 inch wheels. The car is designed to attain superior

dynamic competiveness, followed by reliability, maintainability, simplicity and last but not the least affordable cost. For making a stand out

design, analysis was done to achieve the optimal performance. Special emphasis is laid on driver comfort, ergonomics and driver controls which

are robust enough to withstand any emergency operation.

FORMULA NED Official Video




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