• The discipline of Biomedical Engineering deals with quantitative and computational methods of engineering applied to problems in medicine and biology. Currently it is among the most rapidly emerging fields of engineering around the world. The University, on receiving building as gift by Late Mr Latif Ebrahim Jamal, known as LEJ-NED Campus, decided to establish a Biomedical Engineering Department, offering four years BE and two years MS degree programmes in Biomedical engineering. The Syndicate in its 134th meeting held on 29-9-2004 approved the concept paper. 

    The Biomedical engineering involves application of engineering principles and techniques to medicine, biology, behavior, and health. It combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical, physical, chemical, biological and computational sciences to help improve patient health care and the quality of life.

    It advances fundamental concepts; generates knowledge from molecular to organ systems level; and develops innovative biologics, materials, processes, implants, devices and informatics approaches for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, serves in health improvement and patient rehabilitation.