Inauguration Ceremony ITEC 2010
The Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering (Formerly Computer Science & Information Technology) held its 3rd ITEC – annual mega IT event on 31st May. Initiated two years back by Batch 2003-04, ITEC is aimed at Excellency and to bring to limelight the exceptional genius and aptitude of the sharp and keen minds. Apart from the regular competitions, Animation Competition was also introduced for the first time. Talent Scouts from leading IT companies were present to spot promising students and ideas. Another major highlight of the event was a seminar on the theme “The Entrepreneurial Challenge”.
Winners Software / Hardware Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Ghazanfar Latif, Mr. Irfan Mehmood & Mr. Sarfraz Ahmed.
FAST University Islamabad Campus.
2nd Prize.
Ms. Yusra Siddiqui & M. Zohaib Shoaib.
CS&IT (NED University).
3rd Prize.
Mr. Owais Khatri & Mr. Arsalan Khatri.
CS&IT (NED University).
Winners Speed Programming Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Osama Khalid & Mr. Taha Rafique. FAST University Karachi.
2nd Prize. Mr. Owais Khatri & Ms Rabail. CS&IT (NED University).
3rd Prize. Mr. Husnain, Mr. Habibullah & Mr. Khalilullah. NED University.
Winners Logic Quiz Competition
1st Prize.
Ms. Farheen Ayaz Electronics (NED University).
2nd Prize. Ms. Huma Tariq Electronics (NED University).
3rd Prize. Ms. Lubna Essa CIS (NED University).
Winners Networking Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Tanzil Nasir & Mr. Saad Siraj. Karachi University.
2nd Prize. Mr. Muhamad Waqas & Mr. Muhammad Ovais Khan. CS&IT (NED University).
3rd Prize. Mr. Ahsen Abdullah Shah & Mr. Zeeshan Zafar. CS&IT (NED University).
Winners Gaming Competition (Need For Speed Most Wanted)
1st Prize.
Mr. Fasihullah. Mechanical (NED University).
2nd Prize. Mr. Ali Asghar. CS&IT (NED University).
3rd Prize. Mr.Muhammad Najam. CS&IT (NED University).
Winners Gaming Competition (Counter Strike)
1st Prize.
Teams from Petro-Chemical and Petroleum Department. NED University.
2nd Prize. Teams from Industrial Manufacturing Department. NED University.
Winners Web Designing Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Muhammad Ali Khatri & Ms. Nabila Noor. CIS (NED University).
2nd Prize. Mr. Ahsan Naveed. Civil (NED University).
3rd Prize. Ms. Meimoona Shahid. CS&IT (NED University).
Winners Animation Competition
1st Prize.
Ms. Ameena Abbasi. CS&IT (NED University).
2nd Prize. Mr. Talha Syed and Ms. Aisha Muhammad Iqbal . CS&IT (NED University).
3rd Prize. Mr. Kamran Mustafa & Ms. Sana Anwar. SSUET.
Information Technology Seminar
A seminar on the theme “The Entrepreneurial Challenge” was also held, with the objective of informing and evoking interest in students about Entrepreneurship in terms of identifying opportunities, knowing the entrepreneurial process, and its importance and contribution in enhancing our economy. Dr. Zahir Ali Syed and Mr. Azhar Rizvi who are active in promoting Entrepreneurship spoke on the concept and sources of funding. Mir Salman Ali, a former BCIT student spoke about his venture as an entrepreneur, which he began while still a student. Mr. Qamar Hafeezi representing Mazik Global spoke on how this Company started up.
Prize Distribution Ceremony
At the Closing Ceremony, winners were awarded prizes by Prof. Dr. Shamsul Haq, Pro-Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Dr. Mahmood Khan Pathan, Dean ISH who appreciated the organizers for another successful event. Shields were also awarded to the ITEC organizing committee who worked effortlessly for making this event a success. The achievers of ITEC 2010:
•  Mr. Muhammad Usman Shahid, ITEC President.
•  Mr. Ehtesham Khan, Graphics and Promotion Designer (Spectacular Performance in ITEC).
•  Ms. Asra Shoaib, Vice President – Finance.
•  Mr. Muhammad Farooq, Vice President – Event.
•  Mr. Mustafa Ali, Vice President – Competitions.
•  Mr. Muhammad Usama Aziz, Director – Competitions.
•  Mr. Usama Rahat, Director – Event.
•  Syed Abid Ali, Director – Competitions.