Inauguration Ceremony - ITEC 2013

The Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering (Formerly Computer Science & Information Technology) held its 6th ITEC – annual mega IT event on 08th July. User Interface and Database Design Competitions were introduced for the first time. The event solely aims at equating learning with practical growth and providing practical paradigms for the young IT intellects who can transform their visionary ideas for a better future of information and technology in Pakistan.The Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Muzaffar Mahmood Pro Vice Chancellor - I inaugurated the ceremony. Another highlight of the event was a seminar on "Career Counselling" by CareerTech and a tribute to former Vice Chancellor NED "Engr. Abul Kalam (Late)".

Winners Software / Hardware Competition
1st Prize.
Ms. Jaweriah Alvi & Ms. Zarmeen Nasim
NED University.
2nd Prize.
Ms. Areesha Nayyar, Ms. Faiza Khan & Ms. Najma
NED University.
3rd Prize.
Ms. Bushra Afreen & Mr. Imran Hemani
1st Prize.
Mr. Abdul Moiz, Mr. Muhammad Usuf
Karachi University
2nd Prize.
Mr. Mohammad Tariq, Mr. Waqar Ahmed & Mr. Mohammad Umer
NED University.
3rd Prize.
Mr. Mohammad Hassaam
NED University.
Winners Speed Programming Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Umair Aziz, Mr. Faizan, Mr. Muhammad Fahim FAST - NUCES
2nd Prize. Mr. Aamir Altaf Changani, Mr. Ali Zenaish Karim, Mr. Rehman Ramzan FAST - NUCES
3rd Prize. Mr. Asad Muneer, Mr. Hamza Ali, Mr. Wajahat Ali  FAST - NUCES
Winners Logic Quiz Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Matib Talib NED University.
2nd Prize. Mr. Usman Zafar NED University.
3rd Prize. Mr. Sabih Haris SSUET
Winners Networking Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Imad Hassan Karachi University.
2nd Prize. Mr. Vanesh Kumar - COSMAT, Mr. Chetan Kumar - SZABIST.  
3rd Prize. Mr. Rashid Ahmed and Mr. Mudabbir Qamar NED University.
Winners Gaming Competition (Need For Speed Most Wanted)
1st Prize. Mr. Shehroz NED University.
2nd Prize. Mr. Atiq NED University.
Winners Gaming Competition (FIFA)
1st Prize.
Mr. Nauman Khurshid NED University.
2nd Prize.  Mr. Anas Ansari NED University.
Winners Web Designing Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Sajid Manzoor Karachi University.
2nd Prize. Mr. Jahanzaib Ahmed and Mr. Shariq SSUET
3rd Prize. Mr. Saad and Ms. Nimra SSUET
Winners Database Design Competition
1st Prize.
Ms. Bushra Seraj Karachi University.
2nd Prize.  Mr. Asadullah & Mr. Salman Hasni FAST
3rd Prize.  Mr. Osama Husain NED University.
Winners User Interface Design Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Zeeshan Sheikh & Ms. Rabbia Hussain NED University.
2nd Prize. Mr. Ahsan Aziz & Ms. Fatima Attique NED University.
3rd Prize. Mr. Saad Abdul Rashid NED University.
Winners Mobile App Development Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Asjad Azeem & Ms. Lubna Essa NED University.
2nd Prize. Ms. Virlla Devi & Ms. Shehr Bano Arshad NED University.
3rd Prize.  Mr. Umair Khan NED University.
Prize Distribution Ceremony

After going through a roller coaster ride of heterogeneous competitions, mind blogging situations and stimulating tasks, Dean ISH and Chairman CSSE (Formerly CSIT) awarded shields to the winners as well as the ITEC organizing committee who worked effortlessly for making this event a success. The achievers of ITEC 2013:

•  Mr. Sohaib Nehal , ITEC President.
•  Mr. Shahood Siddiqui , Vice President – Marketing, Promotions and CarrerTech.
•  Ms. Madiha Aslam , Vice President – Competitions.
•  Mr. Rafiuddin , Vice President – Events.