Inauguration Ceremony - ITEC 2016

The Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering (Formerly Computer Science & Information Technology) held its 9th ITEC – annual mega IT event on 7th September. Dr.Zakiuddin Ahmed is an entrepreneur & a physician leader who specializes in developing innovative solutions in Healthcare through information technology was the guest speakerand Mohsyn Syed Founder of Share Your Blessings, Social Entrepreneur, Chief Motivating Officer, Trainer was the Motivational Speaker.

Winners Project Exhibition
1st Prize.
Ms. Sara Ahmed and Ms. Nudrat Naveed.
NED University.
2nd Prize.
Ms. Sana Ahmed, Ms. Jaweria Wasi and Ms. Mehwish Malik.
NED University.
3rd Prize.
Ms. Jaweria Tariq and Ms. Hafsa.
NED University.
Winners Speed Programming Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Rahim Punjwani. Ms. Rozmeen Nooruddin and Mr. Ali Ahad. FAST - NUCES
2nd Prize. Mr. Shees Nadeem, Mr. Adnan Ahmed and Mr. Ghulam Khalique. FAST - NUCES
3rd Prize. Mr. Zil-e-Huda, Mr. Pawan Kumar and Mr. Zaid. FAST - NUCES
Winners Logic Quiz Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. M Ather. NED University.
Winners Talk An Idea Competition
1st Prize.
Ms. Sadia Janglu, Mr. Asadullah Khan and Ms. Maruim Mehdi. NED University.
Winners Chat Bot Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Waqar Ahmed. NED University.
2nd Prize. Mr. M. Anus. NED University.
3rd Prize. Mr. Uzair Noman. NED University.
Winners Gaming Competition (Need For Speed Most Wanted)
1st Prize. Syed Shehroze. NED University.
Winners Gaming Competition (FIFA)
1st Prize.
Mr. Faheem Ahmed. NED University.
Winners Gaming Competition (Counter Strike)
1st Prize.
Mr. Zaryab, Mr. Umair, Mr Bilal, Mr. Zain and MR. Musaib. Habib University.
Winners Web Designing Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. Hunain Ahmed. Bahria University.
2nd Prize. Syeda Arfa and Ms. Summaiya Quer. Karachi University.
3rd Prize. Mr. Qajahat Hussain and Ms. Rumaisa Khan. NED University.
Winners UML Designing Competition
1st Prize.
Ms. Daniya, Ms. Hooriya Jawaid and Ms. Amna Sher Afal. NED University.
2nd Prize. Mr. Arsalan Liaquat and Ms. Faiza. NED University.
3rd Prize. Ms. Roomesa Khan, Ms. Yumna Wasi and Ms. Faiza Yameen. NED University.
Winners Mobile App Development Competition
1st Prize.
Mr. M Saad, Ms. Fouzia Sheriyar and Mr. Shoaib Ahmed. PAF-KIET.
2nd Prize. Mr. M Kumail and Mr. Taha Hussain. NED University.
3rd Prize. Mr Wasi Tariq and Team. Karachi University.
Prize Distribution Ceremony

Prizes were distributed by Dean ISH and Chairman CSSE (Formerly CSIT).