SCHEME Society of Chemical Engineers is the podium for Chemical Engineering professionals & students to convene as much for the nobility of our profession



1. To instill professional pride in Chemical Engineering students.
2. To preserve and advance the lore of Chemical Engineering.
3. To facilitate the acquisition and the interchange of professional knowledge among its members.
4. To emphasize the utility of our profession and the marvels it has carved in its illustrious history.
5. To organise events and activities of such nature as to be educational, beneficial & entertaining.
7. Afford an opportunity for students of Chemical Engineering to become better acquainted with the industry.










SCHEME-formerly CHEMESS (Chemical Engineering Students’ Society) was formed at the Department of Chemical Engineering-NED University of Engineering & Technology. The name was tossed at a seminar by our very own Late VC Engr. Abul Kalam. The Department of Chemical Engineering at NED University is established recently to overcome the acute shortage of chemical engineers in the country. Students will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories to learn and apply fundamental chemical engineering principles. The department laboratories include Heat Transfer Lab, Unit Operation Lab, Analytical Chemistry Lab, Process Control Lab, Fluid Flow and Particulate Technology Laboratory. A computer lab and audio/visual facilities are also available for the students. A Technical Information Processing Centre is also available for the students to help them in the preparation of their projects.


Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Zahoor-ul-Hassan Awan March 2011-August 2011
Dr. Shazia Farman Ali August 2011- December 2011
Mr. Ali Ammar Taqvi December 2011-December 2014
Dr. Zahoor-ul-Hassan Awani December 2014- to date