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Construction Education, Research and Practice

   4 - 5 August 2008
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Call For Papers: 


The 2008 International Conference on CONSTRUCTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES - Advancing and Integrating Construction, Education, Research & Practices (ICCIDC-I)-2008 is the first of its nature in Pakistan to highlight construction management practices over the third world countries. It will provide the platform for stakeholders, personnel from Academia and Researchers related to the construction industries of the developing countries. Not only this but also the conference will be helpful in sharing of ideas, transfer of technologies and development of linkages between the construction industries of developed and the developing countries.  

The overriding themes are, of course, the issues relating to the construction sector and the construction process in developing countries and economies.  These issues may be similar to those that have already been faced by the sector in the more developed countries, but they may be different too, because of changed international political, social and economic circumstances and changed technological capabilities.

One theme of the conference that is particularly topical now, is the need for advancing and integrating construction education, research and practice in developing countries. These aspects cannot be ignored and are particularly relevant when addressing the future construction of the buildings, infrastructure and other facilities required by the Developing Countries.

Built around these main themes are the related issues of economic, physical and social underdevelopment and how change can be effected without social and environmental dislocation.  Given that the process of development will almost inevitably be driven by the public sectors of the countries involved, there are serious issues surrounding the effectiveness of public sector procurement and the need for transparency to avoid the threat of corruption. 

These are not simple issues that can be left to sort themselves out; if they are not prepared for, they will almost inevitably deteriorate, and their impact will not only be felt in the developing world. 

Development itself will depend on the selection and transfer of appropriate and sustainable technology, the encouragement of invention and innovation in construction, the effective use and upgrading of the human resource, and these are all also relevant issues to this conference.

This conference will be an opportunity to address mutual problems and share solutions, to exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas relating to these issues and, hopefully, to create research initiatives that will join researchers from both developed and developing countries, to address the outstanding needs - a collaboration that will benefit from the contribution of both perspectives.

Academics, researchers, industrialists, professionals, policy makers, assessors, certification & funding bodies concerned with projects and programs in construction are encouraged to participate and contribute with their knowledge and experience to the conference. Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings of ICCIDC-I 2008. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality. Themes of interest include, but are not limited to:


Construction Engineering and Management Education



    Curriculum Improvement                        

    Engineering Entrepreneurship                         

    Enhancing Undergraduate and Graduate Education

    Joint Degree and Certificate Programs

    Information technology                              

    Outreach Programs

    Technology for Teaching and Learning

    University Management

    Developing Professional Competencies

    Skill Development Programs

    Exchange Programs

    Internships, University-Industry Relations

    Education and Training in Related Disciplines


Construction Engineering and Management Technology 


    Engineering Design Issues, Problems and Solutions

    Engineering Infrastructure

    Engineering Innovation

    Innovative Construction Materials

    Innovative Construction Technologies

    Environmental and Sustainable Engineering and Construction

    Information Technology & Information Systems

    Integration of Design and Construction Process

    Intelligent Decision Support Systems

    Technology and Developing Countries

    Novel Construction Planning and Scheduling Methods

    Innovative Approaches to Construction and Project Management

    Construction Process Reengineering


Construction Engineering and Management Practice


    Construction/ Project Management Concepts, Techniques & Tools

    Current Issues, New Approaches & Case Studies

    Cost and Financial Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Construction Bidding and Procurement Strategies

    Sustainable construction techniques

    Construction Safety Management

    Delay Mitigation in the Construction Industry

    Scheduling and Resource Management

    Innovative Construction Technologies

    Decision Making, Risk Analysis & Sustainability

    Contract Management, Partnership & PPPs

    Total Quality Management in Construction

    Productivity Improvement and Lean Construction

    Knowledge Management in Construction

    Integrated Facility, Project and Construction Management

    Government-Industry-University Relationship

    Internationalization and Globalization

    Construction for the Developing Countries

    Construction Management Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

    Case studies on Existing Construction Project Management practices

    Integrated Facility, Project and Construction Management

    Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry

    Construction Law and Built Environment

    Professional Liability and Ethics

    Construction Regulation and Control


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Call For Papers      





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