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picture gallery

HEC 15 Years Celebration at NED University
Gaditek Recruitment Drive as on 15th August, 2017
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Webinar (Civil-AV-Hall)
Jubilee Life Insurance Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Recruitment Drive as on 11th May, 2017
PTCL (Recruitment Drive (NED Main Auditorium as on 9th May, 2017 )
Hub Power Company Ltd. (HUBCO)
House of Habib Group (HOH) Pre-Employment Interviews at NED-DIL Dept. as on 19th April, 2017
House of Habib Group (HOH) Pre-Employment Online Test as on 18th April, 2017
Engro Corporation Interviews for Internship Batch 2013-14
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pakistan Limited Recruitment Drive, (NED Main Auditorium)
Ghazi Overseas and SEPCO-III Recruitment Interviews (NED-DIL Conference Room) 30th March, 2017
BASF Pakistan Private Limited-Internship 2017 Test & Interview
Engro Corporation Online Pre-Employment Test 28-03-2017
The Citizens Foundation
Aman Foundation Open Session Recruitment Drive
Bulleh Shah Packaging Pre-Employment Test
Engro Corporation Online Pre-Employment Test
K-Electric Pre-Employment Online Test
Nestle Pakistan Recruitment Drive
Power Cement Limited Pre-Employment Test
Atlas Honda Test & Interviews
Colgate Palmolive Test
Corzee Technologies Test
Feroze 1888 Mills Ltd. Test
Hilal Foods Test
Lotte Chemical Test
Systems Ltd. Test
Think Transportation Test
Pre-Employment Test by 'Dawlance', on 3rd October 2016
Pre-Employment Test by 'Mixit', on 22nd September 2016
Feroze 1888
Fatima Group
Pre-Employment Test by 'INBOX'
Pre-Employment Test by 'TRG Tech'
Medal Receiving Ceremony by Feroze 1888, on 22nd September 2015, at IM Department
Test/Presentation for 'Systems Limited'
Medal Receiving Ceremony by Feroze 1888, on 5th May 2015, at DIL Office
Recruitment Activity by TELENOR Pakistan, on 10th June 2015, at Main NED Auditorium
Pre-Employment Test by 'Lucky Cement'
Pre-Employment Test by Bulleh Shah Packaging
Pre-Employment Test by HUAWEI
Promotion Campaign by HUAWEI
Interviews by SAS Corporation
Students Activity Program by TML Activation
Pre-Employment Test by THAL Engineering
Online Pre-Employment Test by K-Electric
Career Orientation Session by Caliber Vantage
Pre-Employment Test by Colgate
Pre-Employment Test by Arpatech
Activity ’Beautiful You by EMPACT(Unilever)
Training Session on Industrial Safety by K-Electric
Recruitment Drive by Nestle Pakistan
Pre-Employment Test by Digitek Engineering
Pre-Employment Test by Fatima Group
Recruitment Drive by Coca Cola
Presentation by Engro
Pre-Employment Test by Future Technologies
Pre-Employment Test by NetSol
Pre-Employment Test by Lotte Chemical
Pre-Employment Test by Abbott
Pre-Employment Test by CoreZee
The Strategic Career Planning Fair 2011
Workshop on Guided Journey to Successful Professional Career and Ever Changing Globe on 19 Sep-2014Workshop
Pre-Employment Test by OBS Pharma for ME, IM (Batch 2010-11) on 16 Sep-2014
Online Pre-Employment Test by WorkForce Software for CIS, BCIT and SE (Batch 2010-11) on 23 Sep-2014
Monolithic Solution
Systems Ltd.
Refining Entrepreneurship, on 15 October 2014, at Video Conference Hall (Civil)
MOL Activation Campaign, on 16 October 2014, at Petroleum Engineering Department
Unilever Guest Session
Ufone Summer Internship 2014, Farewell Ceremony
Pre-Employment Test by Softronic Systems
TenPearls Pre-Employment Test
VentureDive Pre-Employment Test
ZONG Pre-Employment Test
Pre-Employment Test by Abbott Laboratories,  on 11 September 2014, at Computer Lecture Hall
Pre-Employment Test by Ephlux,  on 11 September 2014, at NED Auditorium
Pre-Employment Test by PAK Suzuki Motors, on 16-Dec-2014
Pre-Employment Test by AuVitronics, on 17-Dec-2014
Recruitment Drive by Teach for Pakistan, on 17th December 2014
Pre-Employment Test by Lotte Chemicals
Pre-Employment Test by Etilize PAK
Pre-Employment Test by Workforce