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The Directorate of Industrial Liaison (DIL) was established at NED University of Engineering & Technology in 1997. The prime objectives of DIL are to create and enhance the required university-industry linkages in the form of various activities.

DIL is since then involved in arranging internships opportunities in summer and winter vacations for students in different organizations / industries.

DIL is engaged in collecting the topics of final year engineering projects and arranging technical / practical help from the industries related with the projects. In a number of cases the industries have assigned projects to the university students with competent advisors from their organizations to help the students.

In addition, DIL arranges on perpetual basis study visits for the students and faculty at various industries and organizations to get the practical exposure of the industry.

DIL also provides assistance to the organizations / industries in respect of Research and Expert engineering services through teaching faculty to address their technical problems.

DIL encourages the prospective Employers’ for “On-Campus” hiring and facilitate them to conduct Career Counseling Sessions, Presentations, Tests and Interviews for recruitment. Many multi-national companies, some overseas employers’, local business groups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are availing such facilities on need basis.

DIL has recently embarked on developing Graduate Directories, arranging career fairs and pre-employment orientation programs for the graduating batches.

DIL is coordinating and motivating the students to participate in International University student level competitions, to name a few are: Shell Eco-Marathon, Solar Car Challenge and SAE Formula Car etc.

DIL promotes students to showcase their projects in Professional Expo, Shows and Fairs, NED students have earned laurels and prizes recently in Re-Engineering Pakistan 2012 and PAPS 2013.

To foster and promote the engineering profession, the Directorate is representing NED on the Standing Committee on Science Technology of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) and the Think Tank Committee of the Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP).