Course Outline

















Compulsory Courses (3 credits)

DSM-501        Disaster Science and Management Theories
DSM-502        Organizational Systems
DSM-503        Accounting and Financial Management
DSM-504        Strategic Planning and Decision Making
DSM-505        Operations Research


Elective Courses

DSM-521       Project Evaluation and Feasibility Analysis (3 credits)
DSM-522       Geo Information in Disaster Management (3 credits)
DSM-523       Disaster Risk Reduction (3 credits)
DSM-524       Disaster Response and Recovery (3 credits)
DSM-525       Urban Transportation Planning (3 credits)
DSM-526       Demographic Analysis Techniques (3 credits)
DSM-527       Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (3 credits)
DSM-528       Research Design (3 credits)
DSM-529       Fundamental of Fire Dynamic (3 credits)
DSM-530       Policies, Planning and Strategies for Disaster Management (3 credits)
DSM-531       Flood Hazard Assessment and Remediation (3 credits)
DSM-532       Water Supply and Sanitation in Emergencies (3 credits)
DSM-600       Independent Study Project (6 credits)
DSM-601       Dissertation (9 credits)


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