EQ-503 Seismic Design of RC Buildings

















Material behaviour of concrete, steel, reinforced concrete and masonry under monotonic and cyclic loading, flexural analysis of sections and members, pre-cracking, post-cracking and  behaviour  at  ultimate  load,  moment-curvature  (M-Ö)  curve,  moment-curvature relationships and ductility, plastic rotation capacity and curvature ductility relationships, effect of tension in concrete and tension stiffening and load deflection diagram, deflection and crack control mechanism, shear in reinforced concrete, shear-flexure interaction, torsion in reinforced concrete, seismic design limit states and structural properties, essentials of structural systems for seismic resistance, factors influencing seismic response, capacity design philosophy, determination of design forces, principles of member design and aspects of detailing, design of reinforced concrete buildings.

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