EQ-525  Loss Estimation and Hazard Mitigation

















Modelling parameters, geometric nonlinearity and material inelasticity, concentrated vs. distributed plasticity modelling approach, nonlinear dynamic analysis, selection, scaling and matching of accelerograms, nonlinear static analysis, conventional pushover analysis, multi-modal pushover analysis and adaptive pushover analysis, nonlinear static procedures, capacity spectrum method (CSM), adaptive capacity spectrum method (ACSM), N2 method, modal pushover analysis (MPA) method and displacement based earthquake loss assessment (DBELA) method, seismic vulnerability assessment of single structures using nonlinear static and dynamic procedures with special reference to  (FEMA) and Applied Technology Council (ATC) provisions, seismic vulnerability assessment of groups of structures (empirical and analytical methods), hazard, exposure, human/economic losses, remote sensing and global earthquake model (GEM) initiative.

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