EQ-527 Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Bridges

















Bridge Typologies and Bridge components; Classification of Road Bridges; functional and operational requirements; Bridge planning and selection of Bridge site; Collection of bridge design data; Standard loading for bridge design and design process for highway bridges; Bridge management systems (process, characteristics and practice); Bridge management cycle; Bridge inventory data; Bridge inspection methods; Collection of bridge condition information; Bridge condition assessment (historical & recent perspective); Bridge assessment models and assessing a bridge in terms of damage and defects; Aging and deterioration processes; Performance problems and threats; Identifying functional deficiencies; Recognizing reduced redundancy; Bridge condition ratings; Bridge condition index; Challenges associated with various bridge component rating methods; Seismic vulnerability and assessment of damage; Systematic evaluations of bridges based on failure modes; Fragility curves; Repair and retrofitting, Priorization; Optimization of retrofit methods

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