Applied Research on Safer Construction and Technology Transfer

















Partner Agencies:

Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan
Disaster Risk Management Initiative, AKDN, Geneva


Prof. Muhammad Masood Rafi
Prof. Sarosh Lodi


A significant portion of building stock is comprised of non-engineered buildings in developing countries. Lack of monetary resources and absence of strict implementation of rules and bye-laws are the major factor for this stock. The non-engineered buildings are generally constructed based on experience. While such construction performs well for gravity loads, it is not designed for extreme loading scenarios, such as earthquake, wind or flood loadings. Consequently, a huge amount of damage for the non-engineered constructions is observed in such events. There is need of simple and cost-effective solutions that can be used to improve the resistance of non-engineered buildings in case of extreme events. This research project aims at,1- finding cost effective as local resource driven research and development to improve the traditional human habitats; 2- establishing technology transfer mechanism to bridge the gap between R & D and field practices to improve predominant traditional habitats.


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