Earthquake Model of the Middle East Region (EMME)


















Dr. Sahibzada Farooq Ahmad Rafeeqi
Prof. Sarosh Lodi


EMME (Earthquake Model of the Middle East Region) aims at the assessment of seismic hazard, the associated risk in terms of structural damages, casualties and economic losses and also at the evaluation of the effects of relevant mitigation measures in the Middle East region in consult with the aims and tools of GEM. The EMME will encompass several modules such as the Seismic Hazard Module, Risk Module, Socio- Economic Loss Module and the development of an IT infrastructure or platform for the integration and application of modules under consideration. The methodologies and software developments within the context of EMME will be compatible with GEM in order to enable the integration process. As such, a comprehensive interaction between the two projects is foreseen.


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