Call For Papers

The themes for the submission of conference papers are as listed below. Papers will be peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Acceptance of paper will be based on quality, relevance, and originality.

    1.  Urban Infrastructure Design and Management in Developing Countries
        1.1 Urban water supply and drainage
        1.2 Disaster management and rehabilitation
        1.3 Remote sensing and GIS applications for infrastructure asset management
        1.4 Health monitoring of infrastructure facilities 

    2.  Sustainable Transportation and Environment
        2.1 Environmental impacts of transportation infrastructure developments
        2.2 Travel behavior modeling
        2.3 Transportation network optimization
        2.4 Transportation and traffic surveys
        2.5 Urban mass transportation system for metropolitan areas

    3.  ITS Modeling and Analysis
        3.1 Data mining and analysis
        3.2 Travel behavior under ITS
        3.3 Traffic simulation and modeling
        3.4 Geographic Information System for ITS modeling
        3.5 Travel information and guidance systems

    4.  Travel and Traffic Management
        4.1 Landuse and transportation interaction
        4.2 Traffic control strategies
        4.3 Travel demand management
        4.4 Fleet management

    5.  Traffic Safety and Emergency Management
        5.1 Incident management
        5.2 Emergency vehicle management
        5.3 Automated vehicle operation
        5.4 ITS applications for road safety

Third International Symposium on Infrastructure Engineering in Developing Countries (IEDC-2010)
1st International Conference on Sustainable Transportation & Traffic Management
Karachi, Pakistan.
July 1-3, 2010