Third International Symposium on Infrastructure Engineering in Developing Countries (IEDC-2010) is aimed to highlight and discuss the problems of rapid urbanization in developing countries. NED University has successfully organized two international symposia (IEDC-2001 and IEDC-2004), which were helpful to understand and mitigate urban infrastructure planning and management issues. A four-year undergraduate degree program, Bachelor of Urban Engineering accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council, is being successfully carried out to produce a team of professionals capable of addressing urban infrastructure planning, design and management problems. IEDC-2010 is focused on transportation infrastructure and traffic management, which is an integral part of this unique undergraduate program in Pakistan.

International Conference on Sustainable Transportation and Traffic Management-2010 is the first of its nature in Pakistan to highlight transportation and traffic management practices over different countries of the world. It will provide the platform for stakeholder, personnel from academia and researchers related to the transportation industries of the participating countries. The conference will also be helpful in sharing of ideas, transfer of technologies and development of linkages between the transportation industries of developed and developing countries.

The event is a part of USAID-Higher Education Commission of Pakistan funded project entitled "The Development of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) based Traffic Management Model for Metropolitan Areas of Pakistan". This project is being jointly conducted by NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET), Karachi and Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology (CAIT) at the University of Mississippi, USA. It will bring together renowned and qualified transportation and planning professionals, academics, clients, and contractors from all over the world, for the presentation and exchange of their experience on concepts, trends, and practices of present-day scenarios of transportation and traffic management.

Third International Symposium on Infrastructure Engineering in Developing Countries (IEDC-2010)
1st International Conference on Sustainable Transportation & Traffic Management
Karachi, Pakistan.
July 1-3, 2010