Department Of Urban & Infrastructure Engineering

Welcome to Urban Engineering...

"The department administering Bachelor’s degree in urban engineering, in which students learn how to deal with the issues emerged from increased urbanization all over the world. Examples of such issues are; urban road congestion and fatalities, urban water supply and sanitary problems, urban environment deterioration and formation of large informal settlements."



                             1. To enable graduates to able to:
                                                     i.   Successfully gain employment in areas relevant to Urban Engineering.
                                                     ii.  Pursue postgraduate and research degrees in Urban Engineering and related fields.
                                                     iii. Engage in successful careers covering a broad spectrum of professional areas other than Urban Engineering.
                             2. To enable graduates, following relevant industrial training and experience, to become professional engineers with   
                                 demonstration of good knowledge and understanding of Urban Engineering theory, method and practice.
                             3. To inculcate the following capabilities in graduating Urban Engineers:
                                                      i.    Coordinate between different civic agencies.
                                                      ii.   Create civic and social awareness among the masses.
                                                      iii.  Enhanced indigenous thinking and leadership qualities in the areas of consulting and construction
                                                      iv.  An ability to think out of the box in given circumstances.