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"The department administering Bachelor’s degree in urban engineering, in which students learn how to deal with the issues emerged from increased urbanization all over the world. Examples of such issues are; urban road congestion and fatalities, urban water supply and sanitary problems, urban environment deterioration and formation of large informal settlements."



  Research Projects
            (Projects that are in process under the supervision of Best Faculty members)


    Transportation Engineering

                                                                           Ø    ITS-based Urban Traffic Management Model
Ø    Traffic Incident Management system
                                                                           Ø   Transportation Assets Management Model
Ø    Integrated Control of Urban Arterial Under Saturated Conditions
                                                                           Ø    Capacity Improvements of Major Urban and Rural Routes
                                                                           Ø    Road Condition Monitoring and Development of Remedial Strategies
                                                                           Ø    Use of Expert Systems in Geometric Design of Highways
                                                                           Ø    Analysis and Design of Urban Road Drainage Systems
                                                                           Ø    Mechanistic and Finite Element Analysis of Major National Highways in Pakistan
                                                                           Ø    Pavement Condition Monitoring and Evaluation of Roads and Airport Airside
                                                                           Ø    Development of Computerized Travel Demand Forecasting Model for Urban Areas
                                                                           Ø    Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) for Facility Management
                                                                           Ø    Accessibility based Analysis of Household Travel
                                                                           Ø    Transportation Network modeling using EMME2.

              Research Supervision

                                      Research students under Masters programme work under the supervision of faculty members. The supervisor is responsible for
                                      the initial definition and plan of the research problem assigned to the candidate. Supervisor suggests reading material and
                                      attending any necessary course(s) to enhance the candidate's understanding of research topic and may also ask the candidate
                                      to present seminar(s) with the progress of research. Supervisor regularly and closely monitors the research student / research
                                      assistant and reports to Advanced Studies and Research Board (AS&RB) on quarterly basis about the academic progress of the
                                      candidate via concerned departmental head and the Dean Engineering.


              Fulfillment of Research Work

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                Publication of Thesis

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                   Master of Engineering by Research

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                                                     Transportation Engineering
                                                                         General Scheme of Research

                                 Master of Engineering by Research is a fulltime programme having minimum two-year supervised study period that may be    
                                 extended to a maximum of four years towards successful completion of all requirements and award of the Masters Degree. Under   
                                 the programme student may also be required to undertake certain number of instructional course work depending upon the nature
                                 and area of specific research being carried out by the student.