The ACI Pakistan chapter foundation was laid in 2007.

Formation of ACI Chapter helps in bringing together the various individuals and groups in Pakistan are interested in learning as much as they can about concrete.

As a step ahead ACI NEDUET Student chapter is established to continue this process and provide students a platform to IMPLEMENT THEIR ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATE AND BUILD FUTURE....!.



The scope is to encourage student interest in the study of concrete.

To develop an awareness of ACI, ACI Chapters and consensus procedure by which ACI     would function.

To provide plate form our next generation to enlighten new aspects of concrete and           latest material through research.


You can connect with our peers and participate in concrete related activities such as: Student competitions, Conventions, Educational Seminars, local               chapter meetings, social events, community service projects, etc.

Network with members of our local chapters, many of whom have been in the industry for decades and can help to develop professional relationships and offer             career advice.

Learn about how ACI can impact your career and the industry, with free or discounted access for students to ACI resources and services.

Win recognition for our university through the University Award.

Future Prospective

Provides Internships and scholarships options with the opportunity to learn what a job truly entails and gain real-world knowledge. This experience will be a                 tremendous benefit to you as you make decisions regarding your career.

ACI members looking to land the right job in the concrete industry can search targeted job postings in ACI's Online Career Center.

ACI members can take part in the development of the ACI codes, standards, and reports that are the most widely accepted concrete construction documents in use       today.