Vice Chancellor's Message

March 25, 2013

It is indeed a matter of immense honour for me to lead, as Vice Chancellor, my very own alma mater. It is certainly God Almighty’s graciousness that enabled me to graduate from the prestigious NED University of Engineering and Technology back in 1977; later, to avail a golden opportunity of being on the faculty for a brief period; and, today, to initiate yet another association which, I earnestly pray, may add a new chapter on the milestones accomplished by this historical and trendsetting professional university.

NED University, from its initial beginnings as an engineering school established back in 1922, has transformed into a large university serving as a national centre of excellence in engineering education, research and outreach. From the basic engineering programmes at undergraduate level initiated in the last century, the university has broadened its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to encompass numerous disciplines which could not be originally envisioned. I am convinced this has been made possible because of our dedicated and qualified faculty who have been inspiring and mentoring students in ways that carved a distinct niche for the university – the first preference of every student interested in pursuing undergraduate studies. Our graduates and their successful careers are further evidences to the quality of training and mentoring they have received being a student at this university. The alumni boast of an extensive global footprint since they associate with organizations across the five continents on professional, academic and research undertakings.

Being fully aware of the legacy and our rich portfolio, which brings in tremendous contentment, I am fully cognizant of the vision that a leader in my capacity must possess in order to enable the students, faculty and staff to pursue an even more ambitious and innovative agenda. In my efforts to further the image of the university, I have chalked out my areas of priority focus: restructuring the value-addition in our engineering programmes, expanding on the postgraduate studies, augmenting solution-oriented research, revitalizing the international academic and industry linkages, strengthening the financial and endowment status, and participation and improvement in rankings of national and international universities. Through my concerted efforts towards these aspects and with the continuing support of my faculty and staff, we shall continue creating an environment for our students that inspires them to discover their engineering potential. We will continue to expand the dimensions of learning, discovery, innovation and change by desiring unique perspectives, enriching experiences and strategic initiatives.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque