Journal of Research in Architecture & Planning
NED University of Engineering & Technology

ISSN 2519-5050 (Online), ISSN 1728-7715 (Print)
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General Guidelines for Authors

The Editorial Board of JRAP invites contributions from researchers, scholars, architects and planners working in Pakistan or abroad. The submitted research papers should be based on ongoing researches or analytical and hypothetical concepts related to relevant fields.

Submission requirements

All submissions must have an abstract that should not exceed 300 words. Abstracts should also be accompanied with five to six keywords.

Technical Review Process

The submitted research papers undergo a technical review process.

Abstracts and papers for each issues are selected by the Editorial Board. On receiving the papers, two to three reviewers are contacted for getting their consent to review and send comments. These reviewers are selected on basis of their knowledge and experience in the subject area. The reviewers are invited in confidence to give their assessment and recommendations on the suitability / appropriateness of the paper and provide comments for the author(s). The identity of author(s) remains undisclosed to the reviewer following JRAPs policy for blind peer reviews. Similarly, the identity of reviewers is also not disclosed to the authors without written permission from the reviewer. The review process can take up to eight to ten weeks. Comments, additions, changes to structure or writing style of paper suggested by the reviewer are forwarded to author for considering incorporation and revision. The revised paper is then assessed by the Editorial Board. Final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of any submission lies with the Editorial Board of JRAP.

This process ensures quality of publication and is as approved by the Higher Education Commission.