CACHE 2014

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CACHE is the annual project exhibition that is hosted by the department of Computer and Information Systems Engineering. It is aimed at making the students exhibit their skills through innovative projects that leave the audience amazed at the brilliance of the young talent we have here at CIS. It is one of the coolest academic events in NED where all CISans turn in great numbers and put up some brilliant projects which leave everyone awed. Arranged for the Second Year and Third Year students to participate and for First Year students to be inspired, this event is always filled with a tinge of modern technology every year.

From the most picturesque hardware to the most interactive softwares, CACHE ‘14 held it all in the arms. This epic event took place on August 23rd, 2014 at 9am. Some 85 projects belonging to one of the 4 categories, namely: Hardware, android, games and web applications were put on display. Presence of all students was made mandatory on special orders by the Chairman, so that the Second year and Third year students could showcase their skills.

The projects were exhibited in CIS labs to be judged by over 28 faculty members and chief guests from different companies. They witnessed our department’s geniuses presenting their projects. Dressed formally, and equipped with all the knowledge, students explained the philosophy and functioning of their projects.

Hardware projects which were displayed in the computation labs caught on greatly among the judges. Projects like Line following Robot, Obstacle Detector, 24-Hour Digital Clock, Dice Game, and Automatic Parking Lot Management System based on sensors, adders, LEDs and 7-segments were the highlight of the exhibition.

Software, which covered 80% of the total projects, included projects mainly based on Object Oriented Projects (OOP). These projects mainly included management systems, games and databases. One interesting thing that caught judges’ eye was that many of the softwares were made to benefit NED's management in one way or the other. A C++ story telling mystery game “Mood Quest” was among the prominent ones where a story was being told at every step and four mini games were offered during the game.

Third year students had put their efforts in projects based on Web Applications, Android Applications and high-end games. Projects like Job Appointment Portal, My Family Forum, E-Board, and Interior Designing & Decoration were very appealing under the umbrella of Web Applications. The most interactive games were High Octane and Robber Run. Apart from that, Android Applications also attracted judges towards them. Apps like GK Quiz, EQuest, and HARI inspired the first year students to a great extent, for whom the benchmark has been set very high.

Some of the participants were first-timers whereas for others it was the last. But it sure was a satisfying event for everyone. For FE students, it was a hope, that next year, they'll be able to produce better and improved work and for the TE students, it was a relief that they're leaving a big group of geniuses behind. May this event improve for the better and the upcoming batches put up more brilliant stuff for all to witness.