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About Postgraduate & Ph.D. programmes

Computer engineering is an integration of various fields of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering required for developing computer software and hardware. The department of Computer Systems Engineering has both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. At undergraduate level the Department has been offering four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Information Systems Engineering) programme. Students are taught Software design, Hardware Software integration, Computer Networking, Embedded system design, Robotics, VLSI chip design, Database management and many other interdisciplinary courses.

At post graduate level, the department offers Master of Engineering (Computer Systems) and PhD (Computer Engineering) programmes. At Master’s level there are two areas of specialization offered by the department namely; Computer Architecture & Systems Design and Computer Networks & Performance Evaluation.

The Masters programme of Department of Computer and Information Systems Engineering was started in 2000. It is offered as Day as well as Evening Programme to facilitate a supportive environment for researchers and professionals alike. Enthusiastic students prefer to be admitted in this programme because of the high quality of education and the wide demand of Computer Engineers in the industrial community. Following the modern engineering trends two areas of specializations are offered namely; Computer Architecture & Systems Design and Computer Network & Performance Evaluation. These specialized streams are designed to meet the need of the industry and indigenous research activities. Moreover, the graduates of Masters of Engineering in Computer Systems easily find their place in PhD programmes of international reputable universities. Many of our graduates have been conducting research work throughout the world.

The Department of Computer and Information Systems Engineering provides a vibrant and encouraging environment for the passionate students to get themselves involved in state-of-the-art research. This department has a pool of experienced faculty to help motivate and supervise the students taking up this endeavour. Students with inclination towards research can opt to get enrolled in the Day programme. In the Day programme, students are facilitated to do supervised research projects except the course work and are encouraged to publish their work in national and international conferences and journals. Besides enhancing their expertise in this field, research publications helps our students to continue their studies at post graduate and doctoral levels.