Hameeza Ahmeds


  • M.Engg (Computer Systems)
  • BE Computer & Information Systems

  • hameeza@neduet.edu.pk

Teaching Experience

She is conducting the practicals of the following courses at undergraduate level:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Computer Communication Networks

Research Interests/Activities

Her major areas of interest are:

  • Computer Architecture

  • Distributed Computer Systems

  • Parallel Processing

Awards & Honors


  • HameezaAhmed, Muhammad Ali Ismail, “Comparative Analysis of Activity Recognition Classifiers using Big Dataset”, 30th IEEEP Multi-Topic International Symposium, March 25-26, 2015, Karachi Pakistan.

  • H Ahmed, M Khurram, "Performance Analysis of MAC Layer Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network" I.J. Information Engineering and Electronic Business, 2014, 5, 44-52.

  • Hameeza Ahmed, Muhammad Ali Ismail, Muhammad Faraz Hyder , “Performance Optimization of Hadoop Cluster using Linux Services”, IEEE INMIC 2014 ( IEEE 17th International Multi Topic Conference), December 8-10, 2014, Karachi Pakistan.

  • Muhammad Faraz Hyder, Muhammad Ali Ismail, Hameeza Ahmed, “Performance Comparison of Hadoop Clusters Configured on Virtual machines and as a Cloud Service”, IEEE ICET 14 (International Conference on Emerging Technologies 2014) December 8-9 , 2014, Islamabad Pakistan.