Course Outline Masters


The courses offered by the department in the M.Engg. Programme are:

Non-Credit Courses

  • CS-401    Introduction to Programming Systems Design
  • CS-402    System Design using Microprocessors
  • CS-403    Introduction to Computer Networks
  • CS-404    Computer Systems Architecture and Organization
  • CS-405    Logic Design and Switching Theory-I
  • CS-406    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Compulsory Courses

  • CS-531    Advanced Operating Systems
  • CS-506    Advanced Computer Systems Architecture
  • CS-537    Advanced Switching Theory
  • CS-513    Artificial Intelligence
  • CS-524    Distributed Computer Systems

Elective Courses

Computer Architecture & Systems Design Specialization

  • CS-502    Advanced Microprocessor based Design
  • CS-505    Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • CS-508    Real Time Computer Systems
  • CS-510    Fault-tolerant Computer Systems
  • CS-511    Diagnosis and Design of Reliable Digital Systems
  • CS-512    Interconnecting Networks
  • CS-515    Computer Aided Design of Digital Systems
  • CS-521    Introduction to Robotics
  • CS-525    Embedded Systems
  • CS-526    Advanced VLSI Systems Design
  • CS-527    Advanced Parallel Processing

Elective Courses

Computer Network & Performance Evaluation Specialization

  • CS-503    Queuing Theory for Performance Modeling of Computer Systems
  • CS-504    Design & Analysis of Computer Communication Networks
  • CS-514    Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems
  • CS-517    Digital Communication Theory
  • CS-518    Information Theory
  • CS-519    Design & Construction of Large Software Systems
  • CS-520    Database Systems
  • CS-522    Computer Networks Security
  • CS-523    Routing & Switching

Detailed Contents of Courses for the MEngg Programme in Computer Systems Engineering

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