Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

The Pakistan Engineering Council is a statutory body, constituted under the PEC Act 1976 (V of 1976) amended upto 24th January 2011, to regulate the engineering profession in the country such that it shall function as key driving force for achieving rapid and sustainable growth in all national, economic and social fields. The council shall as its mission set and maintain realistic and internationally relevant standards of professional competence and ethics for engineers, and licence engineers, and engineering institutions to competently and professionally promote and uphold the standards. For further details please visit
PEC Website

Accreditation/ Re-Accreditation of B.E Programme

Following is the status of BE programme offered in the Department

  • BE Computer & Information Systems Engineering (1999-2000 onwards) : BE Computer & Information Systems Engineering programme has been accredited since 1999-2000 batch. According to PEC letter dated 05-05-2014, re-accreditation is granted for two years i.e. intake of Batches 2009-10 and 2010-11. Re-accreditation for 2011-12 and subsequent batches is required June, 2015
  • BE Computer System Engineering ( 1983 to 1998-99) : BE Computer System Engineering was accredited for the intake of batch in 1983 till 1998-1999