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FYP Poster Exhibition’14 was the event that witnessed some amazing works of intelligence and zeal by the graduating batch of 2010-2011. The final year projects that were put up for display were no short of splendor. What marked this exhibition was the fact that the faculty and students of Computer and Information Systems Engineering put in a lot of effort to impress the industry with the talent we have here at CIS

The said event took place in the labs of CIS department on Saturday, 8th November, 2014. The exhibition started right on time and representatives from well-known software/hardware houses came to witness the excellence of the final year students exhibiting their projects. They showed great interest and were full of praise and advice for the young talent of CIS, about to set foot in the IT-industry

The project teams were assigned a particular lab and were given some space to set-up their poster and project for the exhibition. Some of those posters captured the idea of the project to perfection and were highly appreciated by the faculty members as well as the judges and representatives from different companies. One such poster that earned a lot of praise was for the project titled “Machine Learning for Caller Identification.”

The projects were spread over a variety of different areas including Robotics, Machine-learning, FPGA, Databases etc. Some of the projects that caught a lot of attention include: A Brain Controlled Bionic Robotic Arm in the category of Robotics which digitizes the signals from brain for controlling a robotic arm. IP Phone for LAN in the category of Networks which develops a circuit for PSTN phones to enable them to transmit and receive VoIP calls hence can be used as an IP phone, an Infant Incubator System that can be useful in hospitals for centralized and self-monitoring for controlling and monitoring infant’s condition along with centralized server system, Machine Learning for Caller Identification that identifies callers over cellular phones/ Skype calls, LCD Array Based Widescreen using FPGA, A Web based FPGA Lab that intends to provide remote access to FPGA through a website to name a few

The projects were also marked by a team of judges which included Sir Shahzad, Sir Khurrum, Sir Fateen and some other faculty members. They gave invaluable feedback that’d motivate and help students in enhancing their projects

It will not be an understatement to state that FYP Poster Exhibition, 2014 held at CIS was the much needed dose that the Final year students needed before their projects’ final evaluation set to be done early in December. The day concluded with the students enhancing their knowledge after interacting with the representatives from respectable organizations who encouraged and appreciated the efforts of the students and the respectable faculty of CIS who extended their support to the students along with excellent guidance.