Shahab Tahzeeb

Assistant Professor

  • PhD Scholar
  • M.Engg (Computer Systems)
  • BE (Computer Systems)


Shahab Tahzeeb did BE (Computer Systems) in Oct, 1994 and M. Engg. (CS) from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. Having a strong passion for teaching, he could not find anyplace better than his alma mater to take off for an exciting and challenging career.

Teaching Experience

He started with teaching of Logic Design & Switching Theory and later, taught many other courses, at undergraduate and graduate level, including the following:

  • Logic Design & Switching Theory – I
  • Computer Architecture & Organization
  • Data Structures
  • Software Engineering
  • Parallel Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Introduction to Systems Programming
  • Fault Diagnosis & Reliable Systems Design
  • Computer System Modeling

  • He has taught the following courses at post graduate level:

  • Interconnecting Networks
  • Advanced Parallel Processing
  • Distributed Computer Systems

  • He also served (Jan 1996 to Dec 1996) at Pakistan Navy Engineering College, PNS Jauhar, where he taught C Programming in Unix environment on RS/6000 machine, Digital Logic Design, Circuit Theory and Electronics.

Research Interests/Activities

Mathematical modelling has been an ever increasing source of fascination for him. This has dragged him towards the field of Digital Signal Processing which he enjoys a lot.

Awards & Honors

    Currently, he is member on following boards/committee of University:

  • Board of Studies (Department of Computer & Information Systems Engineering)
  • Board of Faculty (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Board of Review (Registrar)
  • Board of Review (Library)
  • Software Evaluation Committee