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TechELITE (All Pakistan IT Competition and Project Exhibition) TechELITE is a mega IT event being organized by the CIS department of NEDUET annually, in which students of universities from all over Pakistan will take part.

The competitions that make up TechELITE are as under:

  • Speed Programming
  • Networks Management
  • Software Project
  • Software Modeling and Design
  • Mobile Applications

These competitions allow the participant to put the best use to their skill, knowledge, capabilities and resources. The winners of each event are chosen by a neutral jury and are awarded cash prizes and certificates as a memoir to their achievements.

Innumerable multinationals and local organizations show their interest in sustaining this event and use this as a platform to publicize their company and their products. The competition is witnessed by a large audience of interested visitors: professionals and students.

TechELITE 11

Mazik Global TechElite'11 was held on 21st July 2011 at NED University of Engineering and Technology.

The opening ceremony was held in the auditorium which was attended by the University Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muzzafar Mahmood, Chairperson Prof. Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Tariq, Cheif guest Ms. Jehan Ara (President P@sha), Honorary Guest Ahmed Ali (Chairman Alumni network of NED), Qamar Hafeezi (Mazik global Project Manager), Uzair Ahmed( Tradekey Head of HR) , all faculty members and 300 participants of the event.

The President of TechElite Syed Haris Hussain thanked all the sponsors, the faculty ,admin of NED and team for their support. Prof. Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Tariq, in her speech, encouraged the efforts of the event organizers and wished luck to every participant of the event. Ms. Jehan Ara also shared her thoughts with the audience about PASHA's support to TechElite'11.

The representatives of Mazik global and Tradekey spoke on the relevant topics regarding the Information Technology. Finally Prof. Dr. Muzzafar Mahmood inaugrated the event Techelite'11

The event was sponsored by Mazik global. Competition sponsors included Folio3, VectraCom, TradeKey(Visionary Partner), WAVETECH(Technology Partner), Reflex360. Other sponsors include TPS, SuperNova Solutions PNTglobal, NBP, HBL, Dehli INN Media Partners included Jang Group and GEO TV Network and CIO Pakistan as Technology Media Partners, Hamari Web as Online Media Partner.

The students were judged in five different fields:

  • Speed Programming: A competition in which student programmers from all over Pakistan are asked to solve complex algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time. The contestants from all over Pakistan are provided with a bunch of challenging problems.

  • Software Modeling and Designing Competition: Modeling and Designing is the core of software engineering. It guarantees the maintenance and correct functioning of the software. This combines best practices, platform independence, and extensibility into a common language for modeling complex software solutions.

  • Networks Management: The idea is test the activities, methods, procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of networked systems.This competition aims to test participant's knowledge and capabilities to design, manage, monitor, configure and troubleshoot a network.

  • Software Project Competition: A competition to expose students to creative and logical thinking and encourage their talents in developing software to provide logical solutions to problems.

  • Mobile Application Competition: TechELITE’11, for the first time in pakistan, provided an opportunity to present Mobile Applications in front of the Industry. Participants demonstrated their Apps for mobile platforms like Nokia’s Symbian OS, Google’s Android, Apple’s iphone, Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 and Blackberry..

The closing ceremony was gracefully held at the university auditorium in the evening. Prof. Dr. Talat Altaf (Dean ECE) appreciated the organizers for another successful event. Prof. Dr. Sarosh Lodi(Dean CEA), Mohammad Wasay Khan (1Link), Mr.Izhar Elahi(VectraCom), Mr.Naveed Qazi(Folio3) shared their view regarding the event.

Chairperson Prof. Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Tariq, along with Dr. Sarosh Lodi, Mr.Azhar Elahi, Mr.Anas Raza, Mr.Wasay Khan and Mr.Naveed Qazi presented prizes to competition winners. In the end, Ms. Shahnaz Hamid presented shields to Dean ECE, Dean CEA and Chairperson as a souvenir.

A large gathering comprising participants, students, sponsors, guests from the industry, faculty and staff attended the ceremony.

Taha Inam Khan, Syed Zohaib Hasan and Khayan Ali from University of karachi got the first position for Networks Management, second position was taken by Muhammad Ali from University of karachi, and third position by Muhammad Mansoor Salah, Muhammad Zeeshan Khan and Dayab of NED University.

Speed Programming champions were Syed Ali Raza, Waqar Hameed, and Hassan Farid from FAST who stood 1st, another group of three students from FAST comprising of Ali Shah Ahmed, Abdul Samad, and Altaf Saleem came 2nd, and three students from NED University: Tariq Mehmood, Owais Ahmed and, Rabail Mubarak stood third.

The software project winners include M. Zohaib Shoaib and Yusra Siddiqui from NED University as 1st, M. Karsam Nasir, M.G.Hasnain, Laraib Kamal and Faizan Khan from Sir Syed University as 2nd, and Daniyal Rao, Beena Nazir and Hamza Siddiqui from NED as 3rd.

Mohammad Bilal Shaikh from FAST got first position, Bilal Akhtar from NED University got Second and Sahia from NED University got Third position in Software Modeling and Design Compition.

Mobile Application Compition Winners are Moneeb Ahmed Usmani, Ferhan Ali, Zoya Ali and Faiza Khan from NED Univertsity who stood first, Baligh-Ur-Rehman from NED University Stood Second, Shahroz Jamil, Humais Shahzad and Sana Saeed from NED University Stood at Third position

There are very few events that are held at such macro level. Just to name a few in addition to TechElite, there is iTEC, FAST's Procom and SPEC. Engineering institutes should try and arrange more to build the gap between the academia and the industry and to display the talent of the students and encourage them.

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