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Message from Team Heads



Being part of Vision'09 team was really a great experience for me...all the efforts that we have put in are finally here for the CIS department students, teachers and all others that are or want to be part of CIS. Working as editorial head, I enjoyed each and every moment editing and proof reading articles, jotting down ideas and planning for innovations that could highlight CIS to the full extent. Going through variety of writings broadened my knowledge and the experience I have got has played an important part in my life! Enjoy reading Vision'09! :)



It was an honour for me to work as a designing head for vision 2009; working for the magazine was really a great experience, thanks to my team members efforts. I hope you will appreciate the contribution of all my team members. I would also like to thank Chief Editor Arifa Qazi who gave me the opportunity to work with team.



Working in Vision 2009 was one of the great experiences I had in NED. I gained a lot of experience working in Vision and was able to put a lot of my skills into practice while developing the site.



Finally the VISION is there with the distinction of being ONLINE this year. I am glad to be a part of a team who does not give up and continue their efforts to make the VISION a success in any way. Though the bitter reality of recession period in the market gave us a tough time and raised lots of uncertainties and doubts in bringing out the VISION issue this year. But with the grace of Almighty Allah and the efforts of dedicated team we are able to have VISION as a web magazine this year. As being Head of Campaigning team my experience of motivating people and stimulating their participation in the magazine has been great because at the end it bears fruit.




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