Research @ EED

Prominent Research Areas

People at Electrical Engineering Department are involved in various research activities which span the following areas:

  • Load Flow Studies of Power Systems
  • Variable Speed Drive Systems
  • Alternative Energy
  • Voltage / Current Mode Circuits
  • Novel Measurement Techniques / Instruments
  • Chaotic Circuits and Simulation
  • Digital Control Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Time-Frequency Analysis
  • Image and Radar Signal Processing

Message from

Chairman Electrical Engineering Dept.

Students of Electrical Engineering Department are of course one of the top minds and most hardworking among the students and are not only the assets for their families but are also one of the most Important human resources of the country as well.
You need to realize you importance and groom up your personality and expertise accordingly . . . .


Departmental Facilities

The Department infrastructure comes complete with all educational and academic supporting aid and satisfactory environment necessary for intuitive learning. Extensive computing and laboratory facilities also exist in the department and more importantly are accessible by students most of the time. A number of separate computer laboratories are currently functioning with qualified staff to provide technical assistance to the users and maintenance work.
These facilities occasionally also support external departments and centres for the conduction of special workshops and seminars. Advanced simulation software is also provided for researchers and enthusiasts.
The Department is connected through high speed internet and its webpage to external customers for resource sharing, centralised management and information spread.

Laboratories @ EED

  • Computer Laboratory I & II
  • Postgraduate Research Laboratory
  • Signal Processing and Filters Laboratory
  • Control & Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Electrical Power System Laboratory
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Electrical Network Laboratory
  • Electrical Circuits Laboratory
  • Electrical General Purpose Laboratory
  • Project Laboratory


Electrical Engineering Department

The Department of Electrical Engineering is rich both in its history as well as in what it currently has in offers. The undergraduate programme in Electrical Engineering may be traced back to 1934 when the former NED Engineering College introduced a three year Bachelor of Engineering degree course. It was modified to 3-1/2 years duration in 1943-44. A full four year Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree programme was introduced in 1961.
The undergraduate programme has since been expanding continuously- both internally as well as in contributing and collaborating with industry sector. The once lonely Department of Electrical Engineering has contributed in the development of three other engineering disciplines namely, Computer and Information Systems , Electronic and Telecommunications – thus strengthening the faculty. Our undergraduate internship programme is intense which gives adequate exposure to the students.
The Department also holds a strong post-graduate setup. A M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering degree (Evening Programme) by course work / Project has been offered by this department since 1984. The programme has seen modifications at various stages and currently offers a semester based M.Engg. degree programme in various specialisations. The Department, having felt the need of industry for having human resource with refined management skills – acknowledged and timely launched a well-balanced Masters Programme in Engineering Management (MEM). It currently emphasises on energy management specialisation.