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Course Outline of B.E. degree in Telecommunications Engineering. The course titles assigned to the courses of studies for B.E. Degree programme prescribed by the University are represented through mixed notations which consists of an abbreviation for the teaching department offering the course followed by a three digit number.



Syllabi of Courses for BE (Telecommunications) Degree Programme

1.Applicable from Batch 2017-2018 & Onwards


2. Applicable from Batch 2014-2015 & Onwards


3.Applicable from Batch 2011-2012 & Onwards


4. Applicable from Batch 2010-2011


5. Applicable from Batch 2005-2006



List of Courses for M.Engg (Telecommunications) Degree Programme


1. M.Engg Courses for 2016 Onwards


2. M.Engg Courses for 2015 & Previous




List of Courses for MS Telecom


1. List of Approved Courses for MS Telecom 2017



List of Courses for PHD


1. List of Approved Courses for PHD
















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