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Muhammad I. Aslam and Durdu Ö. Güney,

"Optimizing low loss negative index metamaterial for visible spectrum using differential evolution :comment"
Optic Express, Vol.22, no.4, pp 3773-3774, 2014


Irfan Ahmed, and Warren F. Perger,

"Effect of Ground on Antenna mutual impedance for DOA estimation using Di pole Arrays "
Progress in Electromagnetic Research, Vol 46, 179-185, 2014


Muhammad I . Aslam and Aamir Z. Shaikh ,

"Joint and marginal Probablities for Time of arrival & Angle of arrival using Ellipsoidal model "
1Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer , Control & Communication (IEEE-IC4), Karachi, 25-26 September 2013

NOTE: Won best paper award for communication stream in the

Akhtar Saeed, and Irfan Ahmed,

"Wireless Sensor Networks – A Comprehensive Study"
1st International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Trends (ICICTT), Karachi , ISBN: 978-969-9825-00-2, 2nd to 5th of September 2013

Rizwan Aslam Butt,

"Semantic mapping and motion planning using Turtlebot Roomba"
Proceeding of 1st International Conference on Sensing, for Industry, Control communications and Security Technologies.
IOP Conference Series, Matelials Science and Engineering Vol 51, Conference 1, Karachi, 24-26 June, 2013

Irfan Ahmed and Warren F. Perger,

"Direction Finding in the Presence of Near Zone Resonant Size Scatterers"
Progress in Electromagnetics Research (PIER B), Vol. 56, page 219-234, 2013 

Muhammad I. Aslam and Syed .M.Ali,

"A wide band metamaterial absorber for solar cell applications"
Proceeding of International Conference on Energy & Sustainability, pp. 113-116, April 2013, Karachi. 

Muhammad I. Aslam and Durdu Ö. Güney,

"On negative index metamaterial spacers and their unusual optical properties"
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 47, pp. 203-217, 2013. 

Rizwan Aslam Butt,

"Cost effective WSN network monitoring and control using Modified SNMP "
International Journal of Emerging Tchnology & Advance Engineering, Vol 3, pp 701-706, 2013

Shaikh Aamir Zeb and Talat Altaf,

"Collaborative Spectrum Sensing under Suburbun Environments"
International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, USA, Vol. 4, No. 7, 2013. 


Durdu Ö. Güney and Muhammad I. Aslam

“Comment on “Silver/silicon dioxide/silver sandwich films in the blue-to-red spectral regime with negative-real refractive index”  
Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 181117 (2011)],” Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 101, no. 15, Article ID 156101, October 2012

Aamir Z Shaikh,Talat Altaf;

“Performance Analysis of Correlated Multiple Antenna Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radio
International Journal of Computer Applications, vol. 50, No.5, pp. 28-31, July 2012.

Muhammad I. Aslam and Seyed .A. Zekavat;

"New channel Path loss Model for Near-ground Antenna Sensor networks" 
IET Wireless Sensor System, vol.2, no.2, pp.103-107, June 2012.

Muhammad I. Aslam and Durdu Ö. Güney ;

"Dual-band, double-negative, polarization-independent metamaterial for the visible spectrum" 
Journal of Optical Society of America B, Vol. 29, no. 10, pp.2839-2847, October 2012.

Note: This work has been featured in research highlights of nature photonics [ vol.6, No. 12, P. 80]


Shaheena Noor, Humera Noor and Aqeel-Ur-Rehman;

"Using Gaze-directed Vision to Identify Focus of Attention in Pervasive Healthcare Systems"
14th International Multitopic Conference (INMIC), 22nd - 24th December 2011, Karachi, Pakistan.

Rizwan Aslam Butt;

"Secure Lan Management using SNMPv2C over IPrec"

IEEE 6th International conference TSSA", 20-21 Oct 2011, Indonesia.

Abdul Qadir;

"Active - C Simulated RLC Resonator
Paper accepted for ICCSS 2011 Conference," 20th - 209th May 2011, Bangkok.

Muhammad Imran Aslam, Durdu O. Guney,

"Surface plasmon driven scalable low-loss negative-index metamaterial at visible spectrum"
Physical Review B, Vol. 84, No. 19, p. 195465, 2011.

NOTE: The work in this paper received wide appreciation from the research community worldwide and has been reported as major breakthrough in the field by different reputed journals (Namely (1) Optics and Photonics News, (2) Biophotonics) and many technical websites (Such as: LaserFocusWorld.com, ScienceDaily.com, Photonics.com etc).

Irfan Ahmed, W.F. Perger, and S. A. Zekavat,

"Effects of ground constituent parameters on array mutual coupling for doa estimation"
Internation Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2011.


Noor, H. and Noor, S;

"Effect of Data preprocessing on Machine Learning"
Workshop on Women in Machine Learning co-located with Neural Information Processing Systems conference at Vancouver, Canada, December 2010.

Noor, S. and Noor, H;

"Design and Development of model for Multi-view object classification System using Video Stream
Workshop on Women in Machine Learning co-located with Neural Information Processing Systems conference at Vancouver, Canada, December 2010.

Uzma Afsheen;

“Wavelet Analysis and High Quality JPEG 2000 compression using Daubechies Wavelet”
4-5 December 2010, Manila Philippines, “International Conference on Graphics Image processing 2010” IEEE Publication.

Abdul Qadir;

“Two Output OTA Biquad Filter”

Proceeding of the conference ICPST 2010, Hong Kong pp 1-3 ,To be included in IEEE Explorer, Hong Kong, 28th - 30th December, 2010.

Nida Nasir;

“An Analytical Approach for Optimizing Backhaul Capacity in Mobile Networks Using MPLS”

2010 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control, (ICMSC 2010, November 2-4, Cairo, Egypt).

Abdul Qadir;

"Current Mode Canonic OTA - C Universal Filter with Single Input and Multiple Outputs,"

Proceeding of the Second International Conference ICECT 2010, Malaysia KL. pp 32-34. Included in IEEE Explorer, May 7-10, 2010.

Noor, H., Noor, S. and Mirza, S.H;

"Using video for multiview object categorization in security systems
Proceedings of the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Symposium at Orlando, Florida, USA, April 2010.

Saba Ahmed;

“Implementation of OFDM based transmitter complaint IEEE 802.16d on FPGA”

International Conference of Communications, Software and Networks ICCSN 2010 Singapore 26-28th February, 2010.

Fahim ul haque;

“Application of wavelet analysis and multi resolution decomposition for high quality compression and reconstruction”

FCC 2010 Shanghai China.


Abdul Qadir;

"Spectrum sharing studies in C-band Between IMT-2000(WIMAX) and Satellite Network"
Proceeding of 9th IEEE Malaysian International Conference on communications pp 497-500. Included in IEEE Explorer. Dec, 2009.

Faraz, S.M. and Noor, H;

"Improving efficiency of ANN-based clustering algorithms for large scale dataset
Proceedings of the International Conference of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems, held under World Congress on Engineering at London, UK, July 2009.

Abbas, S. A., Sheraz, S.M. And Noor, H;

"Fuzzy Rule Based Traffic Signal Control System for Oversaturated Intersections
Proceedings of the International Conference of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems held under World Congress on Engineering, London, UK, July  2009.

Kella, M.K., Siddiqui, S. and Noor, H;

Feature-based alerts correlation for network’s security using self organizing maps
Proceedings of SPIE Defense, Security and Symposium at Orlando, Florida, USA, April 2009.


Chen, Y. C., Rettner, C. T., Raoux, S., Burr, G. W., Chen, S. H., Shelby, R. M., Salinga, M., Risk, W. P., Happ, T. D., McClelland, G., Breitwisch, M., Schrott, A., Philipp, J. B., Lee, M. H., Cheek, R., Nirschl, T., Lamorey, M., Chen, C. F., Joseph, E., Zaidi, S., Yee, B., Lung, H. L., Bergmann, R., and Lam, C;

"Ultra-Thin Phase-Change Bridge Memory Device Using GeSb"
2007 International Solid-State Circuits Conference, special session on "Best of IEDM 2006,'' February 2007.
2006 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting,
paper 30p3, December 2006.

Happ, T. D., Breitwisch, M., Schrott, A., Philipp, J. B., Lee, M. H., Cheek, R., Nirschl, T., Lamorey, M., Ho, C. H., Chen, S. H. Chen, C. F., Joseph, E., Zaidi, S., Burr, G. W.,  Yee, B., Chen, Y. C.,  Raoux, S., Lung, H. L., Bergmann, R., and Lam, C;

"Novel One-Mask Self-Heating Pillar Phase Change Memory"
2006 Symposium on VLSI Technology, paper 15.2, June 2006.

Noor, H. and Mirza, S.H;

" Virtual Image Generation by View Extrapolation of Real Scenes
Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology 21, 1 – 20.

Liu, J., Zhai, Y., Basharat, A., Orhan, B., Khan, S.M., Noor, H., Berkowitz, P. and Shah, M - University of Central Florida at TRECVID 2006

"High-Level Feature Extraction and Video Search"
Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Information Retrieval, Santa Barbara, California, USA, October 2006.

Noor, H., Mirza, S.H., Sheikh, Y., Jain, A. and Shah, M;

"Model Generation for Video-based Object Recognition
Proceedings of ACM Multimedia Conference at Santa Barbara, CA, USA, October 2006.

Noor, H. and Mirza, S.H;

"Automated Estimation of Future Scenes through View Extrapolation of Past and Present Images"
Proceedings of International Conference on Computer & Communication Engineering, arranged by International Islamic University and IEEE, Malaysia, May 2006.

Noor, H. and Mirza, S.H;

"Automated Position Estimation of Target Using View Extrapolation"
Proceedings of SPIE Defense & Security Symposium at Kissimmee, Florida, USA, April  2006.

Noor, H. and Mirza, S.H;

"Using Past and Present Images to Generate Future Views for Dynamic Scenes
Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Technology (SPACE) arranged by University Putra Malaysia, December 2005.


Noor, H. and Amjad, A;

"Effects of Data Preprocessing on Artificial Neural Networks
Proceedings of 2nd National Workshop on Trends in Information Technology arranged by International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan, November 2003.

Zaidi, S. H., Bozdog, C., U. Mantz, U., Stojakovic, G., Gutmann, A., Bosch-Charpenay,S., Rosenthal, P. A.;

"FTIR based non-destructive method for metrology of depths in poly silicon filled trenches"
  SPIE 5038 (2003).

Kelly, M. J., Sweatt, W.C., Kemme, S.A., Kasunic, K.J., Blair, D., Zaidi, S. H, McNeil, J.R., Burgess, L.W., Brodsky, A.M., Smith, S.A.,

"Grating Light Reflection Spectroelectrochemisty for Detection of Trace Amounts of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water"
Sandia Report SAND2000-1018. 2000.

Zaidi, S., Kelly, M. J., Sweatt, W., Kemme, S., Blair, D. Brodsky, A., Smith, S., Burgess, L;

"Electrochemical Grating Light Reflection Spectroscopy for detection of Organic Contaminants"
SPIE Opto Southwest 2000. [SW03-29].

Zaidi, S., McNeil, J.R., Naqvi, S.S.H.

"Monitoring for Semiconductor processing utilizing surface imaging resists"
SPIE Opto Southwest 2000. [SW03-17].


Zaidi, S., McNeil, J.R., Naqvi, S.S.H.;

"Scatterometric Process Monitor for Silylation"
SPIE 3050, p. 182-193 (1997).

Zaidi, S., Prins, S.L., McNeil, J.R., Naqvi, S.S.H.;

"Metrology Sensors for Advanced Resists"
SPIE 2196 p. 341-51 (1994).

Zaidi, S., MacFarlane, D.L.;

"Mode Evolution in Optical Resonators with a Radial Gain Profile"
Phys. Rev. A. 47 p 588-96 (1993).

Zaidi, S., MacFarlane, D.L.;

"Mode Evolution in a Droplet,"
Optics Letters 17, p 562-4 (1992).

Zaidi, S., Johnson, N. P, and MacFarlane, D.L.;

"Mode Evolution in NonLinear Resonators and Droplets"
Optical Society of America, Annual Meeting 1991.



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