Dr. Syed Riaz un Nabi Jafri
E-mail riazun1036[at]
Objective To contribute for the educational development of the nation and to share state of the art technological knowledge to the students
Academic Carrier
  • PhD (Robotics) 2013
    Department of Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision (PAVIS)
    Italian Institute of Technology-University of Genova

  • Master of Engineering 2007
    NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan

  • Bachelor of Engineering 2003
    Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering P.C.S.I.R, Karachi, Pakistan
    (Affiliated with NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi)
Experience & Familiarity
  • Development Tools: Kdevelop C++, MPLAB, PINNACLE

  • MATLAB and Simulink

  • OrCAD (Capture, PSpice, Layout)

  • PLC hands-on experience on Siemens S7

  • PIC, ATMEL controllers programming in Assembly and C
Teaching Experience
  • Assistant Professor (NED University, Karachi)

    • Undergraduate courses: Basic Electronics, Industrial Electronics, PLC, Microcontroller Applications

    • Graduate courses: Introduction to Robotics, Sensors and Systems

  • Visiting faculty member of IIEE (NED University, Karachi) (2008 to 2009)

  • Visiting faculty member of UIT (Hamdard University, Karachi) (2008 to 2009)
Projects Experience
  • Navigation of vehicle by using GPS-INS based solution

  • GPS based navigation of unmanned land vehicle (ULV)

  • Development of Low Cost SLAM Mobile Robot for Indoor applications

  • Remote sensing and Telemetry
Technical Interest Same as Research interest
  • J. Iqbal, S. Riaz, A. Khan and H. Khan, "A novel track driver mobile robotic framework for conducting projects on robotics and control", Life Science Journal 2013, ISSN 1097-8135

  • A.A. Khan, S. Riaz and J. Iqbal, "Surface estimation of a pedestrian walk for outdoor use of power wheelchair based robot", Life Science Journal 2013; ISSN 1097-8135, P1697-1704

  • Javd I., M. Pasha, S. Riaz, H. Khan and J. Iqbal, "Real-Time Target Detection and Tracking : A Comparative In-depth Review of Strategies ", Life Science Journal 2013, ISSN 1097-8135, P804-813
  • S. Riaz and R. Chellali, "A Distributed Multi Robot SLAM System for Environment Learning", In proceedings of IEEE SSCI, April 2013.

  • Z. Li, S. Riaz and R. Chellali, "Visual place recognition for multi robots maps merging", In proceedings of IEEE SSRR, Nov. 2012

  • S. Riaz, Z. Li, A. Ahmed and R. Chellali, "Laser only feature based multi robot SLAM", In proceedings of IEEE ICARCV, Dec. 2012

  • J. Iqbal, A. M. Tahir, R. Islam and S. Riaz, "Robotics for Nuclear Power Plants-Challenges and Future Perspectives", In proceedings of IEEE CARPI, Sep. 2012

  • S. Riaz, L. Brayda, R. Chellali, "Distributed feature based multi robot SLAM", In proceedings of IEEE ROBIO, Dec. 2011.

  • S. Riaz, S. Minhaj and S. Zeeshan, "Intelligent Navigation of Unmanned Land Vehicle by using GPS & One ABS Sensor", In proceedings of IEEE ICARA Feb-2009, Wellington, New Zealand

  • S. Riaz, S. Minhaj and S. Zeeshan, "Improved Path Planning & Controlling for a Low Cost Navigation Solution of Unmanned Land Vehicle", In proceedings of IEEE UK Sim 11th International Conference on Computer Modeling & Simulation Mar-2009

  • S. Riaz, S. Zeeshan, "Perception estimation for vehicle Motion", In proceedings of IEEE 3rd UKSIM European Symposium on Computer Modeling and Simulations (EMS-09) Greece
Personal information Wanted to keep confidential
Other Activities Electronic circuit designing, reading, sports
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