Arts and Craft 2012

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Arts and Craft Exhibition 2015

For the past years, MOSAIC is organizing major event “ARTS AND CRAFT EXHIBITION/POSTER PRESENTATION AND COMPETITION”, which this year is to be held on 3rd September. The sole purpose of this event is to bridge the gap between the academia and industrial globe and to provide an enormous and advantages platform to reveal the veiled talent of our youth and also to boost the confidence level that accelerates student’s participation in such activities. Some event highlights are as follows:


It consists of following categories:

  • Best Theme (overall)
  • Best Painting
  • Best Sketch
  • Best Calligraphy
  • Best Poster
  • Best Photograph
  • Best Handicraft

Exhibition would be held on a single day (3rd September 2015). This exhibition mainly focuses on the ingenuity skills portrayed by students in various aspects. The exhibition would provide a platform for showcasing all these creative ideas/thoughts to be placed on paper so that they could be appreciated by all in true sense.

On Spot Category

It consists of following categories:

  • Best Photograph
  • Best Sketch
  • Best Painting
  • Best Calligraphy

On the spot category would be held a day (2nd September) before the actual event within students of all departments of NED University. This category is to be one of a kind. With the clock ticking, it is going to be a test of nerves and interpersonal/innovational skills. Participants will be given a task/theme to complete before any other participant will stand king.

Benefits of the Event

  • Extra curricular activity for students of university.
  • Grooming of students’ artistic skills.
  • Enlightening students’ vision for practical approach of their ideas.
  • Providing a platform to students to present their notions.

Event details

Date: 3rd September
Duration: 10:30am – 3:30pm
Venue: Auditorium

Students from any discipline of NED University will be invited to participate in the event.


This will be an open event where professionals, faculty & students from NED as well as all students from other institutions and reputed organizations will be invited to visit the exhibition.

Main activities of the event

Opening ceremony:

Event to be formally opened by Vice-Chancellor NED, followed by the address of main event sponsors.


Exhibition to be started immediately after the opening ceremony. General public would not be allowed at the immediate starting and evaluation period of the exhibition, however, it would be only opened for guests at that time.


It would be available to sponsor’s delegates and judges. Based on the response of our sponsors we would arrange lunch for all organizers of this event.


A paid play by ZEHRSSS Productions. Detail information of this production is attached with this proposal along with the details of payment.

Closing Ceremony:

It would comprise of Prize distribution of winning participants, award of honors to esteem sponsors, award distribution to key event organizing figures and concluding address by the chief guest.

Note: All these activities are subject to the availability of funds through sponsorship.