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Arts and Craft Registrations

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The NED University of Engineering and Technology is Pakistan’s premier institute of learning in the field of engineering. The Society for Arts and Intellectual Creativity, MOSAIC, is one of the most prestigious student organizations of NED University. Since its formation, MOSAIC has been providing academics a platform for all the young artists who can make all the fashion statements just by dressing up their minds; who live their lives with inner craziness, and who have the potential to transform a yellow spot into the Sun or a white spot into the Moon. A platform a hub for those who want to add their flavors to the world of art and creativity and who can set the level of their destiny by playing well their tunes. To facilitate all their skills every year MOSAIC organizes an event, judged by professionals from core field of arts and crafts, entitled “ARTS AND CRAFT EXHIBITION/POSTER PRESENTATION AND COMPETITION”.

Being a reputed Society in the arts community for the last seventeen years, it has absorbed the interest of wide variety of people belonging to university and industry. This makes different capable minds to revolutionize our society revealing the veiled talent of our youth and boosting the confidence level of students who actively take part.