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brief profile of humanities department

The Department of Humanities at NED University was established in 1977. It has expanded remarkably over the last thirty four years in terms of faculty, scope of subjects and courses, and the academic and professional activities. The department currently has seventeen full time permanent faculty members who along with a dozen visiting faculty members undertake teaching a wide range of courses every semester. The department offers undergraduate courses in all engineering and professional programmes offered under various departments. These courses are related to diverse subject areas including: English Language, Communication skills, Islamic studies, Ethical Behaviour, Pakistan Studies, Entrepreneurship, Logic and Critical Thinking and Engineering and Professional Ethics.

Infrastructure & Resources at the Department

The department is housed in two spacious buildings consisting of classrooms, resource rooms, faculty and staff offices. More precisely the following infrastructure and other academic facilities are available within the Department:

• One lecture theatre with a seating capacity of 150 people
• Two large classrooms each accommodating about 70 students.
• One small classroom for short courses that accommodates 25 participants
• One IELTS & GRE classroom
• One seminar library –cum- digital resource room that can accommodate 25 persons
• A JSSIR Office
• Sixteen faculty and staff offices

The department has adequate language teaching books, journals, CDs along with suitable audio video projection facilities. Department is already conducting speaking and listening sessions for its undergraduate courses as well as for the various short courses offered at the department. Adequate computing and printing facilitation for the faculty and students is provided directly and through support from other designated departments within the university.

Yearly Objective

Objective 2017: Teaching Departments