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Postgraduate Study Programme MS in Applied Linguistics:

Overview of the Programme

A postgraduate programme of study that deals with application of pure (theoretical ) linguistics and the use of language-related research in a wide variety of fields, including language acquisition, language teaching, literacy, literary studies, gender studies, speech therapy, discourse analysis, censorship, workplace communication, media studies, translation studies, lexicography, forensic linguistics and computational linguistics.

The applications being wide –ranged, universities globally identify the scope of applied linguistics studies depending on:
• the needs of their prospective learners and the career paths available to them
• situations and problems within the context which demand application of linguistic knowledge
• and most importantly the expertise and specialization of the faculty and research supervisors

Core Aim/Focus of the programme

In the local context, applied linguistics focus remains around language teaching which is itself quite broad considering language teaching forms [ESL, EFL, EAP,ESP,EOPetc] and aspects[needs analysis, curriculum and materials development, pedagogy, assessment, teacher education, language policy etc.].

The MS in Applied Linguistics- at Humanities Department, NEDUETwill prepare candidates for careers in the fields of: Applied Linguistics, Language Education, Foreign Language Education and English as a Foreign/Second Language

Distinctive Features of the Programme
• Personal Language Development of the students for enhanced English Language proficiency
• Mandatory project/research work
• ELT practicum to make it applied study programme
• Afternoon programme allows in-service individuals to pursue further education alongside work

Career Paths & Further Opportunities
• English language Teaching across all levels of education, all varieties of language teaching organizations/institutes
• Teacher Education in Language and English with government and non government organizations especially in the development sector dealing with education
• Pursue PhD studies in Applied Linguistics/ESL/ELT/TEFL/ESP/TESOL

Professional Networking & Outreach:

The faculty in English and communication are all professionally qualified and are active members of Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers[SPELT], a national level body working since 1984 towards improving English Language Teaching Learning. Through active professional networks with individuals and organizations, the department is collaborating on mutually beneficial projects and strengthening its outreach. This cluster of faculty is an active language- oriented research group that is consistently producing contextualized empirical research which has helped the department to create a distinct niche in the region in the Applied Linguistics community. The Research Special Interest Group of SPELT is one such initiative where the faculty within the Department is playing the leadership role.