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Short Courses offered by the Humanities Department :

Besides the undergraduate courses and the postgraduate programme, the Department offers a vast range of short courses and certifications for students, professionals and faculty such as:

Foreign Language Courses-Arabic, French & German :

Department provides opportunities to students to learn foreign languages in connection with their future education or career plans. Students maximize their chances of earning a scholarship or an opportunity for undergraduate academic visit, for postgraduate studies or research, and for employment offer if they are familiar with the language of the country providing this opportunity. Arabic, German, French language courses are regularly conducted. These courses are conducted by professional language instructors appointed by renowned organizations including Goethe Institute, Alliance francaise Karachi.

IELTS Preparatory Course :

The department also facilitates students in preparing for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Examinations. IELTS is one of the prerequisites for admission in almost all English speaking countries and the countries where English is medium of instruction for international students such as many European countries. Prominent features of IELTS Preparatory Course at Humanities Department include preparing under qualified and experienced faculty in small groups that allows better individual attention and this fact is evident by impressive bands secured by individuals who took IELTS test following preparation at the department.

GRE Preparatory Course :

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test required for admission in US colleges and university, other English speaking countries and for other English-taught graduate programs world-wide. GRE score plays a major role in determining one’s admission in a university or college. The score also defines what type of institution one is eligible for. The better score on GRE can assure the higher ranked university. Like other courses offered by the department, GRE course is also conducted by trained faculty in small batches to ensure better learning and achievement in the international exam.

English Oral Proficiency Courses :

English language being one of the most widely used international languages has become essential for success in almost every department of life of those who are success oriented. Department of Humanities offers a specially designed modular course on the campus for learners with varied abilities. These modules mainly aim at building learners’ English language oral skills for them to become confident and proficient speakers in various types of speaking situations be it personal or professional. Qualified and experienced English language instructors follow the needs based analysis to tailor the course contents to ensure systematic learning experience in small groups with greater teacher-learner interaction.

Professional Trainings:

The Department has a strong professional training and development exposure, since many of its teachers professional trainers and have carried out numerous professional programmes with renowned organizations in the areas of English language proficiency, English for academic and professional purposes, organizational and professional communication, technical writing and organizational correspondence etc.

With increased emphasis on English Language and communications skills within professional settings that ultimately influences productivity and quality at work the department is constantly appending further courses to make a more meaningful contribution to the development and training of students, professionals within and outside the university. The department has strategically developed the expertise and the infrastructure required to initiate and sustain such professional and academic activities mandatory for the training of professionals.