Training on Elsevier Products  by A& J Def Tek Consultants (December 2016)


The library arranged hands on trainings for students (third year and final year), faculty members and research scholars on Elsevier Products (ScienceDirect, Scopus) along with other digital resources on 30th December 2016. There were two sessions in which students showed active participation.
The training was conducted by Mr Muhammad Rashid Pervez and Mr Majid Lodhi from A&J Def Tek Consultants, Rawalpindi.
The topics included Overview and Searching and Filtering Tips and Techniques for Ebrary, Proquest, Elsevier Science Direct and Scopus.


Arduino Training Under ORIC Platform (Feb - Mar 2016)

Library conducted training on "Sense and Move Things with Arduino" from ORIC(NEDUET) platform. The training was comprised on 30 hours, conducted on 5 weekends (Saturday andSunday) from Februray 6th 2016 to March 6th 2016. Training contents:

  • Quick review of Mechatronics and its applications.
  • Calculations, local fabrication and acquiring ready-made mechanical essentials like gearboxes and pulleys systems for rotational transmissions, sliders, gear-racks and power screws for linear transmissions, customized cams for mechanical automation, as well as bearings, shafts and springs.
  • Understanding, designing, simulation and making several standard and customized mechanisms.
  • Working with lots of digital and analog sensors, LCD and Keypad using with Arduino. Controlling DC, servo and stepper motors.
  • Making Internet of Things (IoT), communications via Serial-to-internet, Wifi, RF, SD card etc.

Benefits: Industrial to miniature automations and robotics, data exchange and acquisition using state-of-the art communication, software & hardware interfacing, R&D activities of any scale, final year and DIY projects.


The library arranged trainings on IEEE Xplore and other e-resources in theDigital Library Section on February 29th 2016. The training was conducted in two sessions approximately 2hrs long and covered the following resources; The targeted audience was students of third year, final year and research scholars.


Continuing its long tradition, Engr. Abul Kalam Library organized Annual Book Fair in collaboration with Department of Student Affairs on Monday, 8th & 9th February, 2016 near the University Auditorium at main campus. The Book Fair was inaugurated by Prof. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, Dean (CEA/BME) and Chairman Library Committee. Deans, Chairpersons, Hod's, Faculty Members, Library Officers, staff and other dignitaries were also presented on this occasion. Seventeen leading Book Trade professionals set up their stalls in the Book Fair. The Book Fair covered all major subjects related to Engineering, Science, Technology and Social Sciences; where some of them also displayed Computer accessories, Engineering Drawing tools and Stationary items. Kot Addu Power Project was one of the gold sponsors of the event for which the library is grateful. Department of Urban Engineering was also permitted toexhibit their students' projects

LIBRARY Orientation (session 2015-16)

The library arranges an orientation session for undergraduate students every year which provides students basic information about library sections , timings, membership and resources.The orientation was conducted on 29th December 2015 in the University Auditorium from 14:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs. Five sessions were arranged, 30 minutes for each faculty.