Outreach service

What is this service


This service has been specifically designed for those people who are not at present associated with NED   University but would like to make use of the specialized resources available at the library of the university. 

Through the Library Outreach Service, the NED University Library offers its Reference and Circulation resources and other services to its members.


Registering For This Service

The following categories of Outreach Service membership are available.


category of membership (annual)
registration fee (non refundable)

*security depoSit (refundable)

 Commercial Organization
Rs. 5,000.00
 Rs. 25,000.00
 Non-Profit Organization
 Rs. 2,000.00
 Rs. 25,000.00
 Individual members
 Rs. 500.00
 Rs. 10,000.00  



*Security Deposit will be  refunded  either on  expiration  or cancellation of the  membership, subject to adjustments of damages if any 

If you wish to use the services offered by the NED University Library you fill the Outreach Service Registration Form, available in PDF format (click Here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader) and submit it. You will be contacted within 3-4 working days and acceptance / rejection of Membership will be mailed to you. 

You will be required to deposit the appropriate membership fee as bank draft or pay order in favor of: "Library Online Services NED University" or provide cash-deposit-slip of cash deposited in the National Bank of Pakistan, NED University Branch, Karachi in the account: "Library Information services", A/C 473 -4".

The library, upon receipt of your registration form and fees, will assign you a borrower number. You can then use the services offered.


What does the service offer

Reference services

The member will be allowed to use the Reference Reading Room to consult the reference material including books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals etc. More..

Inter Library Loan Service

If this library does not have its own copy of books, periodicals and other publications you wish to consult, the Inter Library Loan service (often called ILL for short) can borrow them from other libraries to cater to your needs. Research Journals and Articles from British Council, AIRC, PASTIC, PSI and from other sources are procured according to user requirements. The Engr. Abul Kalam Library is also a member of IFLA (International Federation Library Association); therefore books, articles and non-book materials from foreign libraries can also be procured, for library members using IFLA Voucher Scheme.More..


Circulation Services (Book Loan)

Books from lending library will be loaned one book at a time for 21 days subject to its availability.
Loan time includes postal time if applicable. Over due charges will be Rs 10.00 per day.


what does the service Cost

Service Charges include charges for the Reference and Inter Library Loan Services offered. Postage charges will be added where necessary.


Reference services


Photocopying of Articles
Rs 02.00 per page
Copying of CD
Rs 40.00 per CD
Scanning of Articles / Reference Material
Rs 15.00 per page
Literature Search  
Rs 50.00 per search
Rs 100.00 per search


Inter Library Loan Services 

To use the Inter Library Loan Service Facility, members will be required to pay the service charges and postal charges before the library places the request to the foreign library for the material required.


Charges Per Book
Availability Time
Rs. 2,250.00
15-20 days
 Rs. 4,500.00
 2-4 days


Charges Per Article
Availability Time
Rs. 1,175.00
15-20 days
 Rs. 2,350.00
 2-4 days


* All charges are subject to change without prior notice.

* Utility Period: 15 days (within the Library Premises) Photocopy of sections of book can be provided if required.