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The NED University of Engineering & Technology is conveniently located in one of the Pakistan foremost manufacturing centers, making it well suited to be a center for education in this discipline. The NED graduates have so far been absorbed readily in the market. The persons trained in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering will be gainfully employed by the related sector, as there is a gap in the demand and supply of highly trained Manufacturing personnel.


Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering is that specialty of professional engineering which requires such education and experience as is necessary to understand, apply and control engineering procedures in manufacturing processes and method of production of industrial commodities and products; and requires the ability to plan the practices of manufacturing, to research and develop the tools, processes, machines and equipment, and to integrate the facilities and systems for producing quality products with optimal expenditure.


Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering thus integrates materials, machines, information, and people to design, build, and service the products and production facilities of tomorrow. Manufacturing Engineering spans a board spectrum of engineering topics such as: Computer Aided Design (CAD); Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM); Numerical Control (NC); Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM); Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS); Robotics Automation; Product Design; Tools and Machines; Manufacturing Processes; Quality Control; Production Scheduling; Production and Inventory Control; Economic Analysis.