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course outline :


Compulsory Courses

Course No.
Course Title
MT-500 Scientific Computing *NC
MT-501 Differential Equations 03
MT-502 Linear Algebra 03
MT-503 Applied Statistics 03
MT-504 Numerical Methods and Applications 03
MT-505 Operations Research and Optimisation 03

Elective Courses

Course No.
Course Title
MT-511 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 03
MT-512 Advanced Discrete Mathematics 03
MT-513 Finite Element Analysis 03
MT-514 Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer 03
MT-515 Transforms and their Applications 03
MT-516 Computational Mechanics 03
MT-517 Computational Fluid Dynamics 03
MT-518 Computational Methods for Data Mining 03
MT-519 Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks 03
MT-520 Graph Theory 03
MT-521 Computational Complexity and Applications 03
MT-522 Applied Database Techniques 03
MT-523 Simulation and Modelling 03
MT-524 Financial Mathematics 03
MT-525 Computation and Simulation in Finance 03
MT-526 Economic Theory for Financial Market 03
MT-527 Financial Modelling and Risk Management 03
MT-528 Finance Theory and Asset Pricing 03
MT-529 Monte Carlo Techniques for Simulations 03
MT-530 Design and Analysis of Experiments 03
MT-531 Stochastic Optimisation and Control 03
MT-532 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 03
MT-533 Probability and Stochastic Processes 03
MT-534 Statistical Method and Data Analysis 03
MT-599 Individual Study Project 06
MT-600 Dissertation 09

       * Non Credit Course