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course contents :

HS-104 Functional English

Listening: types of listening, problems in listening and coping strategies, listening skills, sub skills, practice in listening, note taking: techniques for taking notes from lectures, from books, note taking in different forms paragraphs, points, figures, processes, tables, graphs etc. vocabulary development: enhancing current vocabulary to reflect a better usage of words in spoken and written language, tips/ strategies in vocabulary enhancement, practice in vocabulary development. Reading: reading skills, sub skills, reading comprehension levels, reading strategies, reading practice through variety of reading texts and comprehension exercises, beyond reading (outline, précis, speech and presentation). Writing: process of writing, informal writing strategies, writing correctly: sentence structure and punctuation, error correction, paragraphs: structure, types, topic and the topic sentence, and unity, adequate development and coherence in paragraphs, essays: types, five paragraphs long essays, and structure (thesis statement and the paragraphs), short reports: structure, format, and types (informational and analytical), letters: elements, style, formatting (digital letter writing), organization and structure of the letter, and types (routine requests and intimation, invitation, thank you and condolence letters etc.)

Recommended Books:

    • “Cambridge vocabulary for IELTS”, Pauline Cullen, Cambridge University Press. 2008
    • “English Vocabulary in Use (upper intermediate)”, Michael Mcarthy  & Felicity O’Dell Cambridge University Press. 2008
    • “Academic Listening Encounters: Human Behaviour”, (Cambridge University Press), 2004
    • “Study Listening”, by Lynch( Cambridge University Press). 2nd Edition, 2007
    • “Themes for Listening and Speaking Teacher’s”,Carole Robinson and Helen parker (Oxford university Press), 2nd  Edition, 1986
    • “Making Connections: A strategic Approach to Academic Reading”, Kenneth J Pakenham (Cambridge University Press), 2nd Edition, 2004
    • “Study Reading”, Glendining and Holmstrom.(Cambridge University Press), 2nd Edition, 2007
    • “Writing and the Writer”, Frank Smith, Heinemann Educational Books.1994
    • “Connections – A Guide to basics of writing”, Peter Dow Adams, Little Brown and Company,1987
    • “College Writing skills”, John Langan, Irwin McGraw Hill, 5th Edition, 1984
    • “The Elements of International Style: A Guide to writing correspondence, reports, Technical Documents, and internet pages for a global Audience” by Edmond H Weiss. Prentice Hall: India 200