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Islamic Studies


Quranic Verses, Tauheed:Al-Ambiya-22, Al-Baqarah - 163&164, Prophethood:Aal-e-Imran-79, Al-Hashr-7, Al-Maidah-3, Here-After: Al –Baqarah-48, and one Hadith, Basic Islamic Practices, Al-Mu’ minun-1-11, and two Ahadith, Amer-Bil-Ma‘Roof Wa-Nahi Anil Munkar, the concept of Good & Evil, Importance and necessity of  Da’wat-e-Deen Aal-e-Imran-110, Method of Da’wat-e-Deen An-Nahl-125, Aal-e-Imran-104, and two Ahadith, Unity of the Ummah, Al-Imran-103, Al-Hujurat-10, Aal-e-Imran-64, Al-An’ am –108, and two Ahadith, Kasb-e-Halal, Ta ha-81, Al- A’raf-32-33, Al-Baqarah-188, and two Ahadith, Haquq-ul-Ibad, Protection of life Al-Maidah-32, Right to Property Al-Nisa-29, Right to Respect & Dignity Al-Hujurat-11-12, Freedom of Expression: Al-Baqarah-256, Equality: Al-Hujurat-13, Economic Security: Al-Ma’arij-24-25, Employment Opportunity on Merit: An-Nisa-58, Access to Justice: An- Nisa-135, Women’s Rights, An-Nahl-97, Al-Ahzab-35, An-Nisa-07, Relations with Non-Muslims, Al-Mumtahenah-8-9, Al-Anfa’al-61 and The last Sermon of Hajj of Holy Prophet (PBUH):Relevant extracts, Seerat (life) of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Birth, life at Makkah, declaration of prophet hood, preaching & its difficulties, migration to Madina, brotherhood (Mawakhat)&Madina Charter, The Holy Wars of the Prophet (Ghazwat-e-Nabawi), Hujjat-ul-Wida, The last sermon of Khutbatulwida: Translation and important points, Islamic Civilization, In the sub-continent: pre-Islamic civilizations, The political, social & moral impacts of Islamic civilization, In the world: academic, intellectual, social & cultural impact of Islam on the world.
Recommended Books:

  1. “Thematic study of Holy Quran &Hadith,”, Dr. SaeedullahQazi:, NED University.
  2. “Life of the Prophet”, Ibne Ishaq, AAlfred Guillaume (Translator), Oxford University Press, 2002