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course contents :


Introduction to Financial Accounting


Recording business transactions – Chart of Accounts, Concept of DR and CR, General Journal Entries and Accounting Equation, Measuring business profit: the adjusting process and introduction to Accounting Policies, Completing the accounting cycle, Retailing operations and Internal Control, Special journals, control accounts and subsidiary ledgers, Accounts and bills receivable, Retail inventory, Depreciation Methods, Doubtful Debts and Cash Flow Statements, Introduction to Budgets, Financial statement analysis, The master budget &CVP analysis to decision-making, Bank Reconciliation.

Recommended Books:

1. “Financial Accounting”, P.C. TULSIAN, Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt.Ltd., 2006.
2. “Financial Accounting A Managerial Emphasis”, Ashok Banerjee”, Excel Books, 2nd  Edition 2005.
3. “Financial Accounting”, Mukherjee & Hanif, Tata McGraw-Hill, Fifth Reprint 2006