Presentation on“UFAD and LLD in hot and humid climate application

Whilst the concept of the under floor air distribution (UFAD) is not new the successful application of this strategy in the new security commission headquarters, Kuala Lumpur (1999) served to establish a new benchmark for worldwide application of totally ductless air plenum exceeding 600m2 per zone with the advent of green buildings in recent years there is now an exponential growth of UFAD systems to meet the demands of both energy efficiency and excellent indoor air quality. In conjunction with UFAD low level displacement (LLD) was also introduced for non-office areas where the phenomenon of “cold feet” is not critical.


KHOAJ –IV “The Final Push

The purpose of KHOJ is to encapsulate learning, erudition and entertainment to its attendees under one roof. The accomplishment of this massive event is an uphill task which has been carried out in the best achievable approach that is always valued by the students and teachers of NED University and by the speakers invited in KHOJ. The attendees were engaged into thought provoking activities by the speakers. The students of NED University came up with brilliant and relevant solutions to the problems persisting in Pakistan showcasing their out of the box thinking. This event has motivated, entertained, provoked and developed an intellect in the mind of NEDians.


Industrial Visit at Aga Khan Hospital and Abbot Laboratory

ASHRAE NED Chapter is the premier student organization that focuses on the practical learning and training of the students before they step into the professional world. It is imperative for future engineers to have knowledge about the techniques used to run huge systems and machines in the industrial plants and industries. Thus to provide first-hand knowledge to the students of NED, ASHRAE NED Chapter organized an edifying industrial visit to Abbot Pakistan and Aga Khan University where the students visited the HVAC plants. The managers and the representatives of both the places briefed the students about the working procedures, methodologies and techniques employed to run the plants. This visit resulted in the enhancement of knowledge of the students who were a part of this trip and helped them get a better understanding of the practical field work procedures.


Industry Visit

ASME NEDUET Section arranged an industry visit to Pakistan Steel Mills for the students of all the engineering departments